Bid Form for 24th June 2019

Please print and return to:
Tom Brown's Stamp Shop
40 Merchiston Avenue
EH10 4NZ

I agree to abide by the Philatelic Auctioneer's Standard Terms and Conditions or sale (1985 Revision) a copy is available on request.

Please bid on my behalf for the lots listed below, up to the stated limits. I understand that lots will be purchased for me at the lowest possible price, and my bid is not to be taken as a starting price.



Postcode Signed Date

Standard Postage Limit If this is left blank then we'll post anything over £34 by Special Delivery. Postage is generally charged at cost plus 90p.

Bid Levels - up to £20 in £1 steps, £20 to £50 in £2 steps, £50 to £100 in £5 steps, over £100 in £10. Bids not at these levels are rounded down.

Please continue bid list on a separate sheet if necessary

Lot Description Max Bid