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It has been a considerable time since the last sale, and there is little change ... the shop is still looking for suitable alternative premises to move into. Nothing adequate has turned up as yet, but there are many friends and acquaintances with their ‘eyes open and ears to the ground’, so hopefully something will turn up in the near future, so that normal service can be resumed soon..

It’s been decided to hold this public auction despite the disadvantage of having nowhere to hold viewing in the week prior to the sale; if there are any lots that you’d like to see, please get in touch and we’ll try to upload a photo to the Facebook page A.S.A.P..

Well, it's the end of an era! After almost 30 years in the shop in Merchiston Avenue, the landlord has intimated that he doesn't want to renew the lease. This has come at rather short notice and the shop is currently looking for suitable alternative premises. A few likely candidates have been viewed (and discounted for various reasons), there are many more still to see ... if you have any suggestions to throw into the ring, they'd be warmly welcomed.


Next Auction

Our June auction will be on the Monday, 24th June. This auction will be at - Murrayfield Ice Rink.
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