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Public Auctions

We have held public auctions now for more years than I care to remember, they are extremely popular with both buyers and vendors alike. Our next sale is Monday, 24th June, with the catalogue available here. Catalogues are available from this site as soon as they are ready (normally ten days before the auction date). Alternatively we could post one to you if you forward your details to us.

Postal bids work in the same way as if you were sitting in the room bidding yourself - you will buy the lot as cheaply as the reserve or other bids on that lot allow. For example lot 203 estimate £10 - Mr. A. bids £9, Mr. B. bids £11 and Mr. C. bids £20 (he obviously wants the lot!); Mr. C. gets the lot at £12, one step above Mr. B.

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Next Auction

Our June auction will be on the Monday, 24th June. This auction will be at - Murrayfield Ice Rink.
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