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Auction Guidance for Bidders

Regular bidders may think that you don't need any help with placing bids (the vast majority of you don't) but it may well be worth reading through this section anyway.

  • Please place your bids as early as possible. (In the event of equal bids, the earliest received gets the lot). Bids not at the standard bid levels will be rounded down; i.e. a bid of 25 will be taken as a bid up to 24, and importantly wont beat a previously received bid of 24.
  • Please make sure we get your bids before the sale. (After every auction there are bids received which would have been successful if only wed have got them on time - if in doubt please phone!)
  • Please note that mixed lots and collections, while generally fine will normally contain some stamps which are below average condition. This is not normally mentioned unless a higher proportion than usual is met with (just check your own collection carefully, Im sure youll find some stamps which shouldn't be included, but you leave them there until a better example appears to fill the gap!). The estimates take this fact into account, and if any of the stamps specifically mentioned in the description are faulty in any way it will be mentioned, otherwise when bidding on a mixed lot please bear this in mind when deciding your limit. If we were to remove these sub standard stamps the estimate in 99% of cases would remain the same - the exception to this is if the lot includes some useful high catalogue, and/or early spacefillers (which would then be mentioned as such).
  • Bid up to the level at which youd be happy buying the lot for. Your bids are not taken as starting bids, and should you be successful youll secure the lot at the reserve price (if nobody else wants it) or at one step above the next highest bid (if other bids are received). Often when unsuccessful bidders phone up to find out how their bids got on, I hear the same remark If only Id have put the extra pound on it!. If you take this advice, then even if you miss the lot, it wont matter, because it would have sold at a level above what you would have been prepared to pay.
  • Please remember that all lots (with very few exceptions) have reserves in place, usually at about 80 to 90% of estimate; sometimes higher, sometimes lower; bids below reserve will not be taken.
  • Once bids have been entered into our books, they cannot (except in exceptional circumstances) be cancelled.
  • Limit bids or Preference bids may be made, and will be dealt with as best we can. This enables you to make a number of bids without overstepping your budget, and cuts down on the possibility of ending up with nothing. If youd like guidance on this type of bid, just get in touch and well be happy to let you know some of the many ways of doing it. Buy or at best bids cannot be taken.
  • Importantly please remember to check your bids. If you have written lot 132 on your bid form, well bid on 132 for you (and if successful youre obliged to take it - even if you meant to bid on 321!). The description column on the bid form is for our use when we get the odd ambiguous figure. Due to time constraints, we don't cross reference and check these as a matter of course.
  • If you tick the box saying that you'll collect winnings from the shop, then its up to you to find out how you got on, if the lots haven't been collected after two weeks (longer if arranged in advance), well send a reminder (for which a charge is made)
  • Lastly, remember in the unlikely event of you being disappointed with a lot through a misleading description, just return it (in the condition you received it) for a refund. This is in addition to your rights under the Philatelic Auctioneers Standard Terms & Conditions (A copy is available on request)


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