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Monday, 18th April 2011


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Meggetland (off Colinton Road), Edinburgh, EH14 1AS
Sale Starts at 7:00 PM with viewing from 5:45 PM
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All World Mixed Lots

11982 Royal Wedding - massive collection purchased from SG with u.m. sets, M/S’s, imperfs., Specimen overprints, etc. in one binder; plus pkts. of loose stamps (from SG new issue service) awaiting your attention and a further seln. of FDCs in album. (100s)40
2One of the best mixed lots we’ve had for a while - maybe not as far as quality or selection of high cat. items is concerned, but for sheer sorting delight ... well! Should keep you out of mischief for the weekend! All manner of philatelic items crammed into this box. (10,000s)40
3Box containing couple of old binders with old junior world colln., plus loads of envelopes with stamps carefully sorted into them the vendor suggested the estimate which at first glance may appear ‘on the hopeful side’, but after ploughing through some of the pkts., many better items come to light and make it seem more reasonable. What we’re saying is, don’t just give it a cursory glance! (1,000s)38
4Wooden box with glass lid ‘Clarks Stranded Cotton for Embroidery’ (c.20 x 16 x 57cm) which should open to 5 drawers (each divided into 12 compartments), but needs some attention. with a few stamps.36
5World collection in R.Hill album (c.1908) somewhat remaindered, poor to fine; further seln. in 1970s jun. alb. plus couple of £1 banknotes (BoS 1956 & NCBoS 1959), both slight faults but attractive, plus 1800 entire Edinburgh-Dumfries, poor condition, but interesting reading. (100s)34
6South & Cent. America large colln. in s/book, early to modern a few more unusual & higher cat. (1,000+)34
7Stockbook with foreign ranges - much middle east & North Africa although others too (& even a colln. of Gold Coast/Ghana!) one to spend some time with. (1,000s)34
8Stamps in couple of s/books, on s/leaves & junior album, etc. Some decent sets seen. (much u.m. 1980s)32
9Booklets - cigar box with various stamps bklts., incl. Sweden, UK, NL, etc. some remaindered. (35+)30
1016-page s/book with odd seln., some blank pages, others over-filled with seemingly neither rhyme nor reason. Strength, if any, in Eastern European ranges. (1,000s)28
11WWF colln. in binder with u.m. sets & FDCs, attractively presented, some decent sets. (100s)28
12Large box filled with s/books & lever arch files; most of which have low value ranges (from sparse to over-filled) owing to the low value/weight ratio, this lot is unsuitable for posting, nor will it be taken to the auction venue (but can be picked up after the sale from the shop premises). (1,000s)28
13R. Hill album c.1908 reasonably well-filled to 1940s, usual mixed cond., & later 1940s junior alb. (100s)26
14Kiloware - fairly low-grade (almost entirely UK) partly sorted in ten boxes and a few shoe boxes. Total gross weight = 90Kg+ Won’t be taken to the venue or posted! (100,000s?)26
15Europe - m.&u. seln. of mainly smaller countries in partly-filled 32-page s/book incl. Faroes, Monaco, Slovenia, ... early to modern, close inspection should reward! (100s)26
16All-world stamps on album pages & s/lvs., should keep you out of mischief fro a few hours! (1,000s)26
17Storage display box (plastic with 8 ‘flipable’ holders for 3-strip s/cards. useful in its own right, filled with all world stamps, many better, but mixed condition. Somewhat dusty. (100s)26
18Storage display box similar to last lot, but fewer stamps (100s)22
19Thematics - large (& heavy) album with ranges of covers connected with Xmas, Shipping, Australian Bi-cent., Railways, etc. plus some stamps Expensive when bought new. (100+)24
20Halley’s Comet colln. incl. u.m. sets & MSs, plus gutter pairs, etc. original cost c.£200! (100s)22
21Boxfile with accum. of s/cards, loose stamps, covers, etc. some decent, but mixed cond. (100s)22
224 biscuit tins with kiloware - (two world, one UK, & one C.I. & I.o.M.) some decent throughout. (1,000s)20
23Ve-Bar counter display stand (as those used in the Shop), includes some Hagner pages with stamps!20
24Attic clearout - box with small seln. of stamps & philatelic items, plus loads of ephemera & other collectables (petrol medallions, Cover with piece of the Berlin Wall, various stickers, cig. cards, ...) (100s)20
25Box with thousands of dupl. off-paper stamps sorted into small pkts., who knows what you’ll find!?19
26Biscuit tin with unusual contents - off paper stamps in tin; better/higher cat. items in small s/book noting C.o.G.H. triangular, early Natal & Mauritius, etc. (mixed cond.), covers, etc. Nice lot. (100s)18
27Seln. in two s/books, strength in Eastern Europe, Tanzania & the UK. (100s)18
28World stamps c.250gr.+, mainly off-paper, in tin. (1,000s)18
29S/book with sparse but interesting contents, must be viewed! (100s)17
30Clearance lot - off-paper stamps in boxes, a few FDCs (one PNC with £5 coin), Commonwealth (with better) in s/book, various others, MSs, cards, a few coins, etc. (100s)16
31Shoebox with world stamps on bundle of pages & in pkts., s/cards, etc. incl. some unusual items (100s)16
32Postage Dues - s/book with world ranges, much UK, some C/wealth & a few others worth checking!(100s)15
33Box with stamps on s/cards, odd bits of ephemera, couple of old photos, US postal scales, etc. (100s)15
34Sheets/part sheets ideal for pkt. maker; incl. German 1923 5,000mk x 8 sheets (STC £640), plus Bulgaria & Yugoslavia (mainly 1960s) with duplication. 15
35Box with thousands of off-paper stamps in pkts (some better earlier seen too), the remains of an old album & a few pages. (1,000s)14
36Thematic - Shipping, etc. bundle of covers, mostly inauguration covers for Hydrofoils, Hovercraft, Sailing Achievements (many Chichester), etc. plus a few others. Unusual. (70+)14
37Thematics - world colln in album; 22 themes from Angels to UPU! Attractive lot. (1,150+)13
38Thematics - Birds. Somewhat sparse range in s/book (100s)12
39S/book with ‘Blocks & Multiples of All Countries’, fairly sparse but a few more interesting; from early French Colonies to modern UK. (100s)12
40Scandinavia - s/book with mainly used ranges, little or no duplication. (c.800)12
41World kiloware (incl. UK) 1.25Kg+ (1,000s)12
42World s/book with dupl., mostly 1940s-modern & incl. many colourful stamps (100s)12
43Europa - u.m. sets c.1960s with NL, Lux, Portugal, UK & others STC £73 (66)11
44Loose-leaf stock album - useful in itself, with sparse dupl. contents, mainly u.m. Commonwealth and Europe, including blocks, etc. (100s)10
45Thematics - Aviation - large s/book with early-modern, mainly used/c.t.o. world colln. (c.500+)8
46Box with odds incl. stamps in envelopes, a few better seen among the kiloware, some ephemera, etc.8
47Shoebox with sorting mix; stamps, covers, the odd unusual (eg. Rhodesia UDI invalid sticker on piece late usage), etc. (100s)7
48Biscuit tin with world kiloware, quite reasonable seln. (100s)7
49World kiloware (incl. UK) c.650gr. decent seln. from charity, plus small s/book with mainly thematics.7
50Bundle of postcards, early-modern, plus a few modern covers, etc. (100+)6
51Censor covers - WW2 seln. incl. unusual, but mixed cond. (roughly opened, some with self adhesive arricators affixed to show you what to look at - Folks, please don’t do this!), still worth estimate. (7)4

British Commonwealth

52Large, battered 32 page s/book with interesting, wide-ranging accumulation from early to modern (mainly GV to early QE), some unusual items seen! Well worth estimate. (1,000s)95
531937 Coronation Omnibus set in album apparently complete both m. and used. STC £430 70
54UK seln. on Hagners from QV line engraved 1ds & 1/2ds, surface printed & E7 selns., then further small ranges of C/wealth, mainly QV-GVI. (100s)28
55Africa - s/book with useful looking accum. of KUT (etc.) & Nigeria. Well worth spending some time with28
561953 Coronation Omnibus in album apparently complete u.m. as bought from SG. STC £12028
57Twelve remaindered old bklts. UK & C/wealth, remains PTSA £300+ (100s)28
581983 ‘the Commonwealth Collection’ (for Commonwealth Day) in attractive album, high orig. cost.24
59S/book with reasonable ranges of m.&u., incl. several higher values. (100s)18
60Lever-arch file with stockleaves, with duplicated stamps, early to modern. Mainly commoner, but the odd few better items seen too. (100s? 1,000s?)18
61UK overprints, seln. in s/book incl. Br. Levant, Morocco Agencies, MEF, etc. (100s)18
621972 Royal Wedding Omnibus apparently complete m., as bought from SG 15
63Seln. of India on leaves, useful looking accum. of stamps on s/cards, a few better (100+)15
64S/book with m.&u. ranges of Aden, Anguilla, Antigua (among others!) (100s)15
65Seln. of sets & odds from various countries, all issued 1967 & all u.m. (150+)5
66Tin with early to modern sorting mix, off-paper stamps (plus a few others) (1,000s)14
67S/book with largely 1950s-70s colln. of Antigua, Tanzania & Zimbabwe. (100s)8
681978 Coron. 25th anniv. x 17 strips of 3 with FD cancels all on piece. (17 x3)8


69Box with early-modern seln. incl. the odd few better but with faults. Well worth a look at this lot. many modern unused, plus further selection in binder. (c.700?)20
70German cards, unused, ‘Revolutionstage in Berlin’ showing street barricades, soldiers, etc. Unusual. (5)19
71Tay Bridge disaster. ‘The Engine’, ‘Fallen Girders’, etc. (3); plus seln. of other cards incl. better; a few banknotes & ephemera (mixed condition). (24 items)17
72Railway related - locos.,scenes, adverts, etc. mainly modern, unused. (250+?)12

Cinderellas, Ephemera, Coins, Other Collectables, etc.

73Coins Seln. of coins, a few slightly better incl. silver, Roman, etc. (100s)18
74“, Byzantine colln. of coins, all copper (mostly harshly cleaned), many clipped, interesting & unusual (24)36
75“, Greece (ancient) very small silver coin, incuse head in square (reverse Lion?) (1)7
76“, Roman colln. of copper, bronze & silver coins incl. (among many others) Constantine I, Diocletian, Valerian, Anotinus Pius, etc. some extremely harshly cleaned, but still very impressive assemblage of some scarce items, mostly in well above average condition. (39)80
77“, “, Copper - Jovian ø27mm, despite slight faults, fine & attractive. (1)22
78“, “, Silver - Stator Gallienus, beautiful coin despite vigorous cleaning! (1)19
79Silver Ingot GV 1935 Jubilee 21/2d in Sterling Silver, expensive new! (1)5
80Cinderellas S/book with ranges of airmail labels, Scandinavian Xmas labels, Scout Post labels, Postal Stationery cut-outs & much more. Mixed condition. (100s)15
81“, Edinburgh Bond of Annuity x 2, both with QV 1/- Transfer Duty stamps - one orange ‘1890’, the other blue ‘1891’. Bond with ‘PAID’ perfins but each with 16 x £1/10/- coupons attached. faults, attractive.12
82“, French ID card (4 Sept) 1940) sl. damage, plus a few other pieces of ephemera, cig. cards, petrol ration book (the 1970s one), etc. 11
83“, Lundy 1982 defins. mis-perfed u.m. (7 singles, 2 blocks of 4) striking & attractive. (9 items)10
84“, ‘R. Hill/1840/Inventeur/du timbre post’ embossed perf. labels (1940?) one blue on white (fine), the other gold (slight tarnishing and spots, etc.) Unusual. (2)6
85“, Postbox - 1960s plastic ‘Berwicktoy made in England’ minor faults, still worth having! (1)3
86Ephemera B.E.A. (airline) ‘travel info. pack’, unusual despite foxing to cover. (1)3
87“, Rugby - seln. of Rugby programmes, Heriots fixture cards, tickets (incl. internationals - 1984 Scotland vs. England at Murrayfield! x2, etc.) plus bundle of newspapers mainly kept for the ruby articles. (100s)30
88“, Box with various pamphlets (incl. Edin’r Festival related), publications, other collectables, etc. (100+?)15
89“, Football - small range of programmes (Hibs/Oesters, Scotland/USSR, Scotland/England 1986), tickets (England/Scotland, Hearts/Bayern Munich) some tartan Army stickers (these aged & foxed), etc.10
90Medal German WW2 KvK 1st class with swords, minor wear, but very scarce this fine & original, and unusually with certificate! ‘L/11’ on reverse of medal. (1)100
91“, German WW2 KvK 2nd class with swords, genuine. Minor patch of verdigris (better than normal), with original certificate. (1)36
92Military seln. of cap badges, etc. mostly Scottish, modern (a couple of older, but these in poor condition) incl. KOSB, Seaforth Highlanders, etc. (11 items)28
93Perfins s/book with world ranges (incl. UK from useful earlier to dupl. modern ‘PAC’). (500+)30
94“, UK seln. in s/book from QV 2/6 & 5/-, GV ranges & seln. of modern. (150+)26
95“, small s/book with UK & world ranges, all periods, no duplication. (100s)20
96“, UK seln. a few GVI & early QE, but mostly modern duplicated ‘PAC’ ranges, etc. (800+)6
97Trams Edin’r. Tram photos - b/w, repro., mostly each image x2, many ‘Copyright ACCrawford’ (c.100+)12
98“, similar lot to the last, some dupl. interesting also for the locations (can you name them all?!) (150+)12

Accessories, Supplies, etc.

99Two x 4-drawer filing boxes with small seln. of accessories incl. used mounts, some new tweezers, Instatector watermark detector (needs new ink sachet) & some loose map-pins (be careful!) 18
100Seln. of publications incl. SG C/wealth 2006 fine 2nd hand; Stamp Collecting S.Phillips (1930s); Ceres France, Michel Germany, both 2000; plus others. (7)12
101Compass 32 page (64 side full-size s/book 2nd hand, some marks, useful (1)5

Stamps Arranged by Country

102Albania 1928 10q SG251 in u.m sheet of 50 with central gutter (No7) marginal punch holes, etc.8
103Andorra (Frenc/Spanish) various periods m./u.m./u. incl. useful P.Dues, etc. STC £67) (27, 1 bklt)9
104Angola early-modern (mainly 1950s-70) m.&u. seln. in s/book. Unusual! (100s)12
105Antigua Barbuda 1922 seln. of m. vals to 1/- (2), plus 3d & 6d both f.u. STC £39 (8)11
106Australia 1936-79 u.m. ranges incl. ‘36 Cent. set, ‘37 NSW 9d, some imprint blocks, with better pairs, etc. Some duplication. (136)18
107“, 1937 NSW FDC (illus., typed) & 10 May defin FDC (1d, 2d) illus., plus 3 later 1950s FDCs, all attractive, most very fine. Unusual. (5)7
108“, 1978-86 sparse but duplicated, mainly used seln. in s/book (100s)9
109“, 1986-97 mainly u. dupl.. seln. in s/book (plus a few earlier too) (100s)14
110“, 1996-97 $15 Duck ‘Wetlands Conservation’ stamp, u.m., marginal. (1)5
111“, early to 19990s m.&u. accum. in three s/books. (100s)16
112“, unfranked seln. ($100+ - mixed condition) in s/book, worth it for the s/book alone! (100s)6
113“, BCOF (Japan) 1946-48 1d, 6d SG J2, J4 both used only STC £22+, but unusual. (2)6
114“, New Guinea NW Pacific Is. incl. 1915-16 1d m. (2, one with ‘dot before I’ sl. marks - barely visible - on face), etc. STC £94 minimum (4)18
115A.A.T. s/book (24 page lighthouse) with mainly mint ranges incl. pairs & blocks, a few Australia (and others), etc. (100s)16
116Austria small seln. incl. 1867 50k u., Newspaper incl. (0.6k) SG N11b u. (4 margins), etc. STC £420 (19)42
117“, early-modern ranges in two s/books, some better items seen, but mixed cond., incl. some back of book, etc. (check the perfs. & papers carefully, you never know!) (100s)19
118“, P.Dues 1917 & 1919 sets SG D286-33 m. ore u. with dupl., incl. 1919 set mint STC £77 (39)14
119Bahamas 1912-38 m.&u. range incl. 1920 set (1/- u.) 1921 to 6d, War Tax, etc. STC £123 plus 1912 5/- SG88 f.u. but short perfs. STC £70 minimum. (25)26
120“, early-modern dupl. accum. in s/book, the odd better noted (plus small range of Bangladesh) (100s)14
121Bangladesh 1971-73 range of Pakistan stamps with surcharges/overprints, very varied. (45)5
122Barbados 1860-1990s dupl., but sparse m.&u. seln. in partly-filled 16 page s/book 14
123“, 1860 1d blue various shades, printings, etc., unchecked, poor to fine, worth specialist viewing. (17)17
124“, 1873 5/- SG64 (small star) g.u. (would be f.u. but slight faults - vert. crease, pulled perf., etc.) still a very attractive example of this very scarce stamp. STC £300 (1)28
125“, 1916-19 2/- m.m. SG190 gum toning. STC £16 (1)3
126Belgium 1861-1990s m.&u. colln. in two s/books, includes several better, but mixed condition. (100s)20
127“, 1999 ‘the 20th Century’ MS of 20 different stamps u.m. STC £23 (1)7
128Bermuda 1924-53 m.&u. ranges STC £95 minimum. (21)14
129“, early-modern m.&u. dupl. seln. in three sparsely filled s/books worth specialist checking. (100s)18
130Brazil c.1890-1906 ranges, almost all used, good coverage incl. better vals., also 1900/06 commem. sets used. Fair to fine STC £350+ (78)32
131Br. East Africa 1895 71/2a SG41 g.-f.u. squared circle cancel (1896) STC £80 (1)26
132“, 1895 8a SG42 g.-f.u. (1896 cancel) STC £75 (1)20
133“, 1895 1r SG43 f.u. (1896 squared circle cancel) STC £50 (1)14
134“, 1895 3r SG45 m.m. (straight edge at base) STC £225 (1)20
135Br. Guiana/Guyana small duplicated m.&u. seln. in stockbook (c.185)12
136Br. Levant Salonica, 1916 1d SG S2 mint, scarce, STC £60 (1)19
137Brunei 1908-47 m.&u. Brunei river types sorted by wmks., etc. a couple of duplicates. STC £138 (22)18
138Canada 1859 used range with 1c & 5c f.u., then s’fillers of the 10c, 121/2c & 17c. STC £270 (5)14
139“, 1908 Quebec 10c g.u. with heavy ‘R’ cancel. STC £70 (1)4
140“, 1940-47 $1 SG406 used block of 4 STC £21+ (4)5
141“, M.&u. colln. in SG printed album to 1967, plus others on lvs. & in s/book with used ranges incl. a few better, eg. QV small heads x 50, etc. (100s)20
142“, early-modern seln. in s/book, most of the earlier, higher cat. items are in mixed cond., but several useful 1920s-30s seen. (100s)19
143“, New Brunswick 1860-63 2c, 5c unused, 10c used (ragged perfs.) (3)6
144“, Pr. Edward Is. 1872 1c l.m.m., 4c, 6c & 12c all u.m. these STC £31+, plus 2c & 3c with faults. (6)8
145Ceylon (& Sri Lanka), early to modern duplicated, slightly jumbled m.&u. accum. in s/book. (100s)19
146China s/book with interesting looking slightly duplicated m.&u. accum. well worth estimate! (100s)24
147“, 1999 Ethnic Groups (dancers, etc.) se-tennant sheet of 56 (SG4387-42) u.m. (56)6
148Cook Is. 1901 1d with Crown o’print SG22 f.u. centred right, some rough perfs. at base, but with wide perfs. and soft paper, what do you expect?! STC £140 (1)20
149Cyprus 1880 1/2d pl.15 SG1 g.-f.u. very small natural paper thin. STC £100 (1)11
150“, 1881 1/2d on 1d SG9 (pl.215) m.m. STC £45 (1)14
151“, 1881 30pa on 1d SG10 (pl.216) m.m. STC £120 but light diagonal fold, noticeable in gum and ‘216’ m.s. mark on reverse. centred left. (1)15
152“, 1882 1/2d on 1/2d SG23 (CC) g.-f.u. STC £75 (1)14
153“, 1882 30pa on 1pi SG24 f.u. red CDS STC £110 (1)15
154“, 1886 1/2 on 1/2 SG28 ‘CC’ f.u. with ‘Larnaca MY 29 86’ squared circle cancel STC £425, beautiful item100
155“, 1902-04 6pi ‘CA’ SG55 g.-f.u., couple of minor tone spots. STC £130 (1)20
156“, 1902-04 9pi SG56 m.m. fine but for slight blunt corner perf. STC £45 (1)5
157“, 1902-04 18pi SG58 m.m. some toning STC £85 (1)11
158“, 1902-04 45pi SG59 m.m. very attractive. STC £200 (1)60
159“, 1904-10 9pi to 18pi SG68-70 m.m., some toning. STC £117 (3)14
160“, 1912-15 18pi SG83 g.-f.u. STC £42 (1)11
161“, 1921-23 45pi SG99 l.m.m. (almost u.m.) STC £225, lovely item. (1)75
162“, 1921-23 10/- SG100 l.m.m. centred left, small light pencil mark on gum, otherwise fine example of this very scarce stamp. STC £375 (1)120
163“, early-modern seln. in s/book, the odd few better seen. (100s)15
164Czechoslovakia 1939, the 1937 Bratislava MS with o’print for NY World Fair in special folder. Attractive10
165“, c.1960s range of u.m. commem. sets also 1983 sheetlets used, etc. unchecked. (47, 6MS)8
166“, 1960s-70s (mainly), f.u./c.t.o. sets incl. better with strong thematic interest. (100s)10
167“, early to 1980s m.&u. dupl. accum. in partly-filled s/book. Somewhat jumbled, so it’s worth spending a little time to see what’s tucked away among some of the pages. (100s)14
168“, early to modern (strength in 1960s-80s) dupl. ranges in s/book, useful for thematics. (100s)9
169“, P.Dues 1919-71 colln., some dupl., m.&u. STC £40+ (150+)7
170Denmark 1851-1920s m.&u. accum. in s/book. Very poor to very fine (unfortunately some of the earlier, scarcer items are only part-stamps, some decent quality too.) worth checking. (100s)30
171“, 1901-19 m. or u. colln., generally fine, fairly complete for the period incl. both 1904 sets u., 1907 defins. u., surch’s. m., 1913 defins. incl. 27ø m., 1918 ‘27 øre’ surch’s range, 107 Newspaper (both watermarks) complete used, etc. STC £400+ (85)70
172“, 1933-99 m.&u. dupl. accum. in four s/books, somewhat sparse in later years; many useful and some better stamps seen. Worth checking. (100s)34
173“, useful looking seln. on s/lvs. most interest in the earlier seln., worth checking for cancels, etc. (200+)8
174“, P.Dues & Postfaerge, etc. small m.&u. seln. in s/book, some unusual. (c.70)11
175Dominica 1874 6d SG2 g.u. (1)16
176“, 1874 1/- SG3 g.u. STC £70 some minute red marks on front. (1)10
177“, 1877-79 1/- SG9 g.-f.u. a few roughish perfs. STC £50 (1)6
178“, 1882-83 1/2d bisect SG10 STC £50 (1)14
179“, 1886-90 1/- SG26 m.m. STC £170 (1)30
180“, 1903-07 5/- SG36 l.m.m. STC £95 (1)26
181Egypt early-modern (strength in period up to the 1950s) m.&u., dupl. ranges in two s/books (100s)17
182“, early to modern jumbled ranges with better. (100s)15
183Ethiopia early to middle m./u. accum. incl. ‘36 Italian Occn. set mint (STC £140) mixed cond. (77)16
184Falkland Is. 1878-79 1d SG1 unused (no gum) very attractive stamp despite a few bluntish perfs. STC £750 as mint. (1)65
185“, 1878-79 4d SG2 g.u. STC £150 (1)28
186“, 1885-91 4d SG9 g.-f.u. straight edge at base STC £80 (1)15
187“, 1904 1d, 2d, 6d mint; 21/2d, 1/- f.u. STC £95 (5)20
188F.I.D. 1946-49 thick map set & ‘48 RSW mint STC £16+ as u.m. (10)4
189Faroe Is. 1975 set u.m. STC £15 (14)5
190Fiji small dupl. seln. in stockbook, mainly QE ranges. (100s)12
191Finland early to modern m.&u. ranges in s/book, some duplication, poor to fine (100s)22
192France 1900-41 m.&u. seln. in 2 s/books (100s)19
193“, 1922 War Orphans’ short set to 5c on 35c (SG388-392) u.m. STC £22+ as m.m. (5)5
194“, early to modern dupl. seln. in partly-filled s/book, well worth checking carefully as some of the pages are a bit jumbled and several useful looking noted among the ‘dross’ (1,000+)32
195“, early-1933 s/book with mainly used ranges, earlier in very mixed cond., but worth checking. (c.175)12
196“, P.Dues 1960 + 1964 sets l.m.m., etc. STC £115+ as u.m. (14)16
197Fr. Colonies 32 page s/book with wide ranging early-modern seln. incl. better, but mixed cond. (100s)28
198German States seln. in s/book, usual mixed condition, worth specialist checking! (100+)18
199Germany 1872-1922 range of m.&u. in s/book with duplication. Earlier mainly faulty, some better. (100s)10
200“, 1923-33 duplicated s/book (150+)8
201“, 3rd Reich (& a few others) sparse, but dupl. seln. in 2 s/books incl. Hitler MS with rouletted margins Mi. block 9 poor mint (faults), etc. (100s)22
202“, slightly jumbled accum. in s/book from a few States, through Germany, BRD & DDR & some others (like a page of Danzig, etc.) (100s)16
203“, S/book with early-modern dupl. accum., strength in DDR (incl. a few better), but other useful too(100s)15
204“, S/book with odd seln. of allsorts incl. States, Occupations, BRD, ... mixed condition. (c.170)12
205“, B.R.D. 1949-55 g.u./f.u. ranges incl. sets, some better STC £280+ (45)32
206“, “, 1952-1990s mainly used accum. in 3 s/books, some useful seen plus a few earlier too. (1,000s)22
207“, Sov. Zone 1949 AEG cover with SG R53 & 54 both in pairs, etc.; ‘50 reg air cover to USA with SG R50, etc. plus DDR SG E9 both backstamped, plus another item. Unusual. (3)10
208“, D.D.R. 1949-60s m./u.m./u. ranges with many better items incl. ‘50 Debria MS u.m., ‘53 Marx MS imperf. f.u. (horiz. designs, marginal crease) STC £600+ (82, 2MS)55
209Gibraltar 1953-59 set SG145-158 mint, attractive STC £160 as u.m. (14)38
210“, QV-1960s duplicated selection in stockbook (100s)16
211Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1939-55 set SG43-54 mint STC £40 as u.m. (12)9
212Greece early-modern dupl. seln. in s/book, some better seen. (100s)20
213“, back of book, etc. incl. Charity Tax from 1914 (Red Cross surch types, etc.) P.Dues, Occ’n. of Albania issues, etc., some better, needs checking. (148)22
214“, Rethymnon, Thrace, Crete ranges m.&u. some ‘as-is’ noting handstamps, o’prints on Bulgaria & Turkey as well as Greece, etc. worth careful checking, minimal duplication. (70)16
215“, Samos 1903-15 u. ranges, no doubt many forgeries/fakes incl. 1903 5/10pa blue (Mi. X) tied to piece, various Hermes types (most or all forgeries), plus 2 phil. covers with 1914 set (poss. ok) (34, 2 covers)42
216Greenland 1938-91 m.&u. (often both, some dupl.) seln. in s/book, much decent seen 1938 range to 30ø then reasonably compl. 1957 onwards Very high cat. beautiful starter, plus a couple of covers, MSs & stamps in further binder. (100s)90
217“, 1938 Christian X & Polar Bear set fresh l.m.m. STC c.£65 (9)28
218“, 1945 1ø - 15ø SG8-12 seal & Christian X l.m.m. STC £140 (5)34
219“, 1948 1k SG14 Polar Bear l.m.m. STC £28 (1)10
220“, 1948 5k Eider Duck SG16 l.m.m. (1)10
221“, 1948 30ø Dog Sled l.m.m. STC £28 (1)9
222“, 1948 2k SG15 Kayak l.m.m. (1)9
223”, 1930 50ø Gustav Holm (ship) l.m.m. STC £60 (1)15
224“, 1956 60ø on 1k SG38 l.m.m. STC £75 (1)15
225Guatemala Stockbook with sparse seln. from earlies to 1950s (1)8
226Hatay (Turkey) P.Dues 1k to 5k SG D43-46 in u.m. blocks of 4, seldom seen STC £48+ as m.m. (12)12
227Heligoland mainly mint seln. (2 used) & 2 P.Stationery cut-outs. Mostly fine. (18)15
228Hong Kong 1935 Silver Jubilee set SG133-136 u.m. STC £70+ as m.m. (4)26
229“, 1954 range of vals. on 8 large pieces from reg. items to UK, many diff. vals. to $10 STC £140 fair-fine(41)14
230“, 1962-99 ranges of u. defins, etc. vals. to $20 (6) & $50 (2) all different. STC £210 (119)26
231“, 1982-91 (plus a few earlier) dupl. u. seln. in s/book, the odd few better. (100s)18
232“, QV-1980 dupl., mainly used seln with better noted, but mixed condition. check carefully! (100s)38
233Hungary 1870s-1980 duplicated selection in stockbook (100s)15
234“, 1871-1926 mainly u. accum. from 1871 set (2x 25k) - mainly g.-f. (unchecked) STC £450 (154)30
235Iceland 1990s f.u. range, quite elusive material STC £31 (20)4
236“, early-modern duplicated m.&u. ranges in stockbook, roughly in order; then further jumbled accumulation at rear of book (100s)30
237India 1947-onwards m.&u. accum. in three s/books incl. some better items. (100s)28
238“, early to c.1940 m.&u. dupl. accum. in 2 s/books, unfortunately the QV inverted head 4a is a forgery (clearly obvious, even without the SG confirmation!) but including several useful looking earlies. Nice lot with ranges of officials, CEF, IEF, etc. (100s)34
239“, States (Convention & Feudatory) seln. in s/book, with dupl. & a few blocks, etc. well worth viewing.32
240Iran 1979 Rugs set, 1981 set SG2165-74, 1983 set all in blocks of 4 STC £129 (120)22
241“, 1985 Composite sheets of 16 designs from SG21139, etc. both perf. & imperf. u.m. (2)12
242“, s/book with m.&u. dupl. ranges from earlies (any better items assumed to be reprints) to modern. (100s)16
243“, Airs 1928 pair of FFCs Bushire-Tehran, special cachet on front, stamps on reverse include in one case 1927 6c, 10c, the other 2c, 10c airs, all tied by CDSs, genuine early usage. (2)36
244Iraq early-modern m.&u. dupl. s/book, worth specialist checking! (100s)16
245“, early (from IEF ‘D’ & British occ’n.) to 1963, useful looking colln. on lvs. & in small s/book. (c.220)15
246Ireland 1922 (& a few earlier p’marks) to 1968 m.&u. with useful dupl. Many decent stamps & sets(100s)40
247“, 1940-68 5d SG118w inv. watermark in fine u.m. block of 6 STC £192 (1)40
248“, 1960 & 1963 Europa sets u.m. STC £41 (4)10
249“, 1969-90s dupl. colln. in 3 s/books, some useful sets & odds. (100s)30
250“, Two s/books with early-modern colln., nothing outstanding, but useful starter. (100s)16
251“, mainly modern (1990s onwards) dupl. seln. in s/book, plus earlier jumbled ranges at back. (100s)12
252Israel m.&u. accum. in s/book, incl. some more interesting looking items, the odd few earlier with tabs.19
253Italy early-modern m.&u. colln. with dupl. in four s/books incl. a few better. nice starter. (100s)36
254“, s/book with somewhat jumbled, but worthwhile looking contents incl. ‘back of book’ (100s)20
255“, dupl. m.&u. colln. in partly filled s/book, useful-looking ranges from a few States & back of book (100s)20
256“, Colonies - s/book with ranges of Benadir, Eritrea, Libya, etc. plus a few States. mixed cond. (100+)18
257Jamaica early-modern dupl. m.&u. accum. in s/book, incl. some useful looking material. (100s)16
258Japan 1959 Athletics set SG812-3 u.m. in se-tenant pairs (3) plus compl. sheet of 20 STC £26+ 8
259“, early-modern colln. in s/book incl. some better earlier (high cat. but believed to be forgeries) etc. (100s)22
260K.U.T. 1903-04 3r SG11 (centred high right) l.m.m. STC £110 (1)22
261“, 1903-04 4r SG12 l.m.m. centred left. STC £110 (1)22
262“, 1903-04 5r SG13 m.m. very attractive stamp. STC £110 (1)34
263“, 1904-07 1r, 2r chalky paper SG26, 27 m.m. (slight surface rubbing) STC £65 (2)14
264“, 1904-07 3r SG28 m.m. Slight gum toning. STC £65 (1)12
265“, 1928-33 1/- P.Due SG D6 l.m.m. STC £70 (1)15
266“, 1938-54 GVI defins m.&u. at least one of each val. to £1 (incl. colour changes) with various perfs., etc. incl. many of the scarcer ones also ‘41-42 set fair to fine STC £560+ minimum. (some possible variations not counted) (58)65
267“, 1941-42 70c on 1/- horiz.pair u.m. with ‘crescent moon’ flaw. Tiny mark on gum. STC £70 (1)18
268“, 1960-62 set SG183-198 g.u./f.u. STC £38 (18)12
269Liberia 1981 US Presidents set u.m. (perf.) plus 4c, 27c, 30c & 80c imperf. u.m. (14)6
270Liechtenstein 1912 set (10h horiz. crease) u.m. unusual thus. STC £180+ as m.m. (3)36
271“, 1917-70s m.&u. colln. in s/book incl.. some useful sets. (100s)19
272“, 1934 Air set (eagles, ospreys) f.u. STC £280 55
273“, 1953 national Museum set SG317-319 u.m. STC £109 (3)22
274“, 1955 Franz Joseph/Georgina set SG330-1 l.m.m. (u.m.?) STC £260 (2)38
275“, 1960s u.m. ranges incl. sets & blocks STC £75 (55, 1MS)9
276“, 1981 castle set in sheetlets of 16 u.m., also 1983 Holy Year sheetlets of 8 u.m. STC £66 as singles10
277Lithuania early-modern small m.&u. colln. in s/book, some unusual & a few others. (100s)15
278Luxembourg c.1946-87 u.m. ranges, mainly commem. sets STC £39+ (57)6
279“, early-modern m.&u. colln. in s/book. Condition poor to fine, incl. a few better (100s)14
280Malagasy Republic 1962-73 u.m. seln. with better Airs, Art, etc. STC £67 (14)11
281Malaya, Straits Settlements 1906-07 o’print seln. SG144, 145, 146, 147, 148 m.m., the odd slight fault, but unusual. STC £26 (5)6
282“, “, 1906-12 $5 SG167 g.-f.u. slightly indistinct cancel. STC £75 (1)17
283“, “, 1922 Malaya Borneo Exhib. seln. mint (most g.-f., 25c SG245 is g.u.) with SG241-4, 248 & 250-5 STC £110 (13)20
284“, “, 1936-37 $1, $2, $5 SG272-274 g.-f.u. STC £21+ (3)6
285“, FMS 1900-22 mainly u. ranges, noting 1904 $1 SG98 mint (pulled perf.), ‘Tigers’ wmk. script f.u. range of vals. to 50c, etc. STC £154 (25)22
286“, “, 1900 2c SG2 l.m.m. STC £29 (1)7
287“, “, 1900 5c SG4 m.m. STC £70 (1)26
288“, “, 1900 20c SG6 l.m.m. STC £90 attractive stamp. (1)28
289“, “, 1900 50c SG8 poorish mint, appears fine from front, STC £100 (1)19
290“, “, 1900 10c SG10 m.m. STC £80 (1)18
291“, “, 1900-01 50c SG22/b f.u. (part squared circle cancel) STC £48 minimum (1)19
292“, “, 1900-01 $1 Sg23 f.u. light fiscal oval cancel. STC £150 as postal (1)18
293“, “, 1900-01 $2 SG24 f.u. (fiscal CDS) STC £170 as postal, very attractive. (1)30
294“, “, 1900-01 $5 SG25/25a f.u. (fiscal cancel, blue oval with red MS date) STC £350 minimum as postal40
295“, “, 1904-22 $2 SG49 f.u. (light part CDS, would pass as postal & STC £120 as such. (1)29
296“, “, 1904-22 $5 SG50 av. used (fiscal CDS & red MS date) STC £130 as postal. useful s’filler. (1)15
297“, “, 1904-22 $25 SG51 g.-f.u. (fine ‘Stamp Office’ large DR CDS) slightly washed STC £800 as postal.85
298“, “, 1922-34 35c SG72 f.u. STC £24 (1)6
299“, “, 1922-34 35c SG73 f.u. STC £14 (1)4
300“, “, 1922-34 $1 SG76 & 76a g.-f.u. (squared circle cancel & part CDS) STC £145 (2)32
301“, “, 1922-34 $2 SG78 f.u. (part CDS) STC £85 as postal, few nibbled perfs. (1)16
302“, “, 1922-34 $2 SG79 f.u. (green appears to be somewhat pale) STC £42 (1)8
303“, “, 1922-34 $5 SG80 f.u. ‘Stamp Office K.L.’ cancel. STC £200 as postal. (1)30
304“, “, 1922-34 $5 SG81 v.f.u. (probable fiscal cancel) STC £225 as postal. (1)32
305“, M.P.U. 1936-64 P.Due ranges m./u.m. incl. 1936-38 4c, 122c; ‘51-63 p.121/2 vals; ‘64-65 with all perf. varieties compl. u.m.; Jap. Occ’n. incl. ‘43-45 set (no 4c) u.m. STC £1110+ (27)22
306“, “, P.Due f.u. range incl. ‘36-38 set (50c m.); ‘45-49 9c, etc. & FMS 12c P.Due SG D6w. STC £120 (12)28
307“, Johore 1884-96 m. or u. incl. 1891-6 with 4c, 6c u., ‘94 surch set m. or u., 1896 to 60c m., etc. (17)14
308“, “, 1896-99 range of vals. to 50c (some slightly faded, most fine) plus one other. STC £116+ (12)18
309“, “, 1904-10 u. range with various vals. to 25c, 50c STC £79 (plus $3 fiscal) (9)12
310“, “, 1949 original short set to $2 (ie no 1952/55 additional vals.) l.m.m. STC £40 (15)8
311“, Kelantan 1911-15 1c blue green SG1a u.m. block of 4 STC £24 as m.m. (1)7
312“, Malacca 1957 $5 SG49 l.m.m. also SG58 l.m.m STC £27 as u.m. (2)5
313“, Negri Sembilan 1891 o’print m.&u.; 1891-4 5c u.; 18985-9 incl. 50c u.; later surcharges m., some used may be fiscal. STC £146 as m.m./postally used (11)14
314“, Pahang from 1889 incl. 1891-95 set m., 1895-99 set m., 1935-41 odds incl. unissued 2c m. STC £11218
315“, Selangor 1885-91 2c SG31 & 2c SG33 m.m. STC £56 (2)17
316“, “, 1885-91 2c SG34 m.m. STC £60 (1)18
317“, “, 1885-91 2c SG38 m.m. STC £80 (1)19
318“, “, 1885-91 2c SG41 m.m. STC £23 (1)6
319“, “, 1891 2c on 24c SG44 m.m. (some toning) STC £40 (1)7
320“, “, 1891-95 5c SG52 l.m.m. STC £24 (1)8
321“, “, 1895-99 25c & 50c SG58 & 59 f.u. STC £82 (2)20
322“, “, 1895-99 $1 SG61 l.m.m. (small spot of gum toning) STC £55 (1)17
323“, “, 1900 1c on 5c SG66a m.m. STC £65 (1)19
324“, Sungei Ujong 1885-90 2c, SG42, 43 m., SG45u., ‘91-94 2c rose u., ‘95 3c m., etc. STC £115 (9)20
325“, Straits, FMS, BMA & Malaysian ranges in s/book, some slightly more unusual, worth checking. (100s)19
326“, Malaysia, plus Johore, Kedah, Kelantan & Malacca, dupl. seln. in s/book. (100s)17
327“, Selangor, Trengannu, some North Borneo, etc. dupl. seln. in s/book, mainly 1940s-70s, some earlier too16
328“, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, dupl. s/book mainly 1950s-70s (100s)14
329“, etc. incl. Singapore, Sabah, etc. duplicated selection in stockbook (100s)14
330Mali 1978 World Cup set SG656-8 in u.m. sheetlets of 10 (folding along perfs.) STC £47 as singles (30)8
331Malta 1904-14 5/- SG63 v.f.u. STC £75 extremely light cancel, attractive stamp (1)30
332“, 1914-21 5/- SG88 m.m. STC £90 (1)36
333“, 1922 2/- SG111 l.m.m. STC £250, lovely stamp, centred slightly low left. (1)80
334“, 1922 2/6 SG112 m.m. STC £27 (1)8
335“, 1922 2/- SG120 f.u. STC £85 (1)19
336“, 1922-26 10/- SG138 m.m. STC £60 (1)12
337“, 1930 1/-, 1/6, 2/- l.m.m. SG203-205 slightly short corner on 2/- STC £28+ (3)5
338“, 1960s-90s slightly jumbled m.&u. accum. with duplication in s/book (100s)17
339“, QV-QE m.&u. seln. on lvs., s/leaves & s/cards, a few better odds & sets seen (165)15
340“, QV-1970 m.&u. dupl. colln. (fairly sparse) in s/book (100s)15
341Mauritius c.1910-69 m.&u. range, some better STC £126 (37)18
342“, QV-QE dupl. accum. in partly-filled s/book m.&u. (100s)20
343Monaco c.1885-1955 u.m. or used ranges some with faults, though mainly fine incl. better. STC £140+9
344Morocco Agencies c.1914-40s colln. with Fr. Currency, Tangier incl. SG245-7, 251-2 all m., Sp. currency incl. sets, mainly fine STC £109+ (67)16
345Mozambique 1961 20E SG530 compl. sheet of 50 u.m. (folded in half) STC £187+ as singles. (1)22
346“, 1961 Arms 4E50, 7E50, 10E all in compl. sheets of 50 (folded in half) STC £160 as singles. (3)22
347“, & Moz. Co. c.1890s-1960s m.&u. ranges, only slight dupl., worth checking. (110)8
348“, early-modern duplicated s/book (plus a few Canada!) (100s)12
349Netherlands 1852-1970s dupl. m.&u. colln. in 4 s/books, the odd few better seen. (100s)28
350“, 1852 5c SG1 (specialised “plate III 69e”) f.u. very wide margins (1)15
351“, 1965-67 Child Welfare MSs u.m. incl. SG MS1006 (3)9
352“, 1869 1/2c (2), 1c green (4), 21/2c (2) all decent used copies, unchecked in detail. STC £222 15
353“, 1977-97 mainly used dupl. s/book (100s)12
354Netherlands Colonies small seln. of mainly N.Indies in s/book, worth specialist examination (170+)15
355“, N. Indies 1864 10c imperf. SG1 g.u., slight wrinkles, blue ‘franco’ cancel 4 margins STC £14015
356Newfoundland 1857-64 1d SG1 unused, 4 margins STC £140 as mint. (1)28
357“, m.&u. s/book with better. Poor to fine, useful for beginner or specialist alike. (100s)32
358New Guinea 1918-23 5/- SG116 l.m.m. (u.m.?) couple of light marks do not detract from this scarce stamp. STC £60 (1)12
359New Zealand 1909-42 m.&u. ranges incl. ‘35 Airs m., ‘36-42 defin. set Charities, etc. STC £53+ 7
360“, 1936-74 u.m. ranges incl. Health sets plus Ross Depp. ‘57 set in u.m. pairs. STC £65 (31)12
361“, early-modern acum. in s/book with some better high cat. earlies, but mixed cond. (100s)28
362Norfolk Is. small m.&u. s/book from 1947 original set SG1-12 u.m, etc. (75)6
363Northern Rhodesia (& Zambia) dupl. seln. in s/book from a few earlies to mainly modern. (100s)15
364Norway 1983 Year Pack compl. (SG909-925 plus 50k SG637a, all u.m.) stamps STC £31+ (1)9
365“, m.&u. dupl. seln. in 2 s/books, early-modern, several useful items seen. (100s)24
366Nyasaland 1935 Silver Jubilee set g.-f.u. 3d & 1/- part light CDS, not common this fine. (4)15
367Pakistan (& a few Bahawalpur, etc.) seln. in s/book (100s)12
368Palestine 1920-45 m.&u. collection in stockbook, some useful values including Postage Dues, etc. plus a few later overprints, etc. (180+)30
369P.N.G. sparse ranges in s/book from earlies to mainly middle-modern, incl. duplication. (100s)14
370Poland 1919-73 dupl. m.&u. in s/book with many better. (100s)18
371“, early-1970s dupl. seln. in s/book incl. a few better, eg. labels, Danzig, etc.) (100s)18
372“, Gov’t. in exile 1941 set SG478-485 u.m. STC £29+ (8)9
373Portugal 1853-c.1940s ranges from two collns., mainly used, mixed condition but better noted. Strength in classics. STC £550 (obviously damaged not counted) (146)34
374“, back of book Charity, Parcel Post, P.Dues, etc. m.&u., mainly fine STC £186 (119)24
375“, early-modern dupl. seln. in s/book, incl. some colonies, etc. worth viewing. (100s)18
376“, Colonies Scott’s printed album with small range, incl. a few more interesting. Some picking evident16
377“, “, s/book with dupl. m.&u. ranges of Macau, Mozambique Co., Guinea, etc. (100s)16
378Rhodesia 1913 used range of ‘admirals’ unchecked in detail, all diff. vals. to 2/- STC £100+ plus 2/- fiscal (not counted) (11)16
379“, & Nyasaland 1959-62 defin. set (no 9d, but with both coil perfs.) m.m. STC £100 (16)19
380Roumania 1938 8th Anniv. set m.m., most fine scarce set. (11)8
381“, early-modern dupl. m.&u. seln. in s/book, with the odd few more interesting items. (100s)17
382Russia/USSR early-modern dupl. colln. in s/book, slightly jumbled some other areas & P.O’s, etc. throughout. Worth checking carefully. (100s)22
383St. Christopher 1870-79 1d dull rose SG1 faults (thins, etc.) STC £50 (1)5
384“, 1870-79 1d magenta SG2 m.m. (patchy gum) STC £80 (1)16
385“, 1870-79 21/2d SG7 m.m. STC £190, scarce stamp. (1)65
386“, 1870-79 4d SG8 g.-f.u. STC £15 (1)4
387“, 1882-90 1d SG12 g.-f.u. STC £70 (1)19
388“, 1882-90 21/2d SG14 g.-f.u. STC £60 (1)17
389“, 1882-90 6d SG19 l.m.m. (expertiser’s mark on gum) STC £90 (1)28
390“, 1882-90 1/- SG20 g.u. STC £65 (1)16
391“, 1884 4d on 6d SG22 l.m.m. STC £65 (1)20
392“, 1884 4d on 6d SG22a (stop after pence) l.m.m. expertiser’s mark on gum. STC £65 (1)19
393“, 1885 1/2d on 1d bisect SG23 m.m. STC £28 (1)7
394“, 1886 1d on 6d SG24 m.m. (patchy gum) STC £20 (1)5
395“, 1886 4d on 6d Sg25 unused (no gum) couple of blunt perfs. STC £55 as m.m. (1)12
396“, 1887 1d on 1/2d SG26 l.m.m. STC £42 (1)19
397“, 1888 1d on 21/2d SG28 unused (no gum) STC £70 as m.m. (1)14
398St. Vincent (Grenadines) 1974 basic set SG3-17, 25. in u.m. blocks of 4 with Specimen o’prints.8
399Sarawak 1955-59 set SG188-202 (no 30c SG198) m.m. STC £67+ (14)14
400Somalia 1960 o’printed (Independence) set STC £53 (3)10
401South Africa 1910-90s dupl. m.&u. colln. in 2 s/books, the odd few better things seen. (100s)26
402“, 1926-27 1/2d p.131/2 x14 SG30ew (inv. wmk.) in m.m./u.m. vert. pair, bottom perfs. trimmed (from bklt.)10
403“, 1938 Voortrekker set SG76-79 mint, in horiz. pairs STC £75 as u.m. (4)17
404Southern Rhodesia 1935-53 SG31-76 complete m. or u., plus a few duplicates. STC £107 (73)14
405Spain early-modern dupl. & slightly jumbled seln. in 2 s/books, worth checking carefully! (100s)24
406“, Civil War o’prints (mainly Malaga/Seville) & a few labels, mainly mint, fair to fine. (28)5
407Sudan 1948 Camel set to 20p (no 50p) fine, fresh mint STC £58+ as u.m. (15)18
408“, 1951 set SG123-139 m.m. STC £85 (17)18
409Sweden 1858-1972 m.&u. colln. with dupl. in s/book Plenty to keep a beginner or specialist amused for hours! The chance of real finds! (100s)36
410“, c.1970s-80s ranges of bklts. (13) & stamps (49) incl. sets, perf. vars., slight dupl. 10
411“, early-modern somewhat jumbled m.&u. ranges in s/book, well worth checking. (100s)15
412Switzerland (Pro-Patria) 1938-80 (a few later) m. & or u. (often both) colln. in s/book, mostly fine (100s)18
413“, 1939-70 m.&u. colln. in s/book, slight duplication. (100s)14
414“, 1960-90s m.&u. dupl. accum. in 2 s/books with better looking odds & sets. (100s)18
415“, dupl. seln. in s/book from a few imperf. seated Helvetia, some better looking ‘franco’, then worth checking the standing Helvetias and others to 1939. (100s)30
416“, early to c.1980s m./u.m/u. accum. from various sources, unchecked in detail but noting better incl. charity & other sets. Some dupl. (100s)19
417“, Pro-Juv. colln. in s/book, light duplication in places. From 1918 m.m. (slight gum thins) then fair representation to 1973 either m.m./u.m. or u. incl. many better vals., but mixed cond. in places. (100s)38
418“, Pro-Juv. 1974-87 m. or u. colln. in s/book, with a couple more recent. (c.90)10
419Tanzania 1965-77 colln. with ‘65 set m. or u. (often both, incl. £1), ‘67 to 5/-, ‘73 B’flies to 20/- m.&u. ‘75 surcharges m., etc. STC £147+ (94, 1MS)20
420Togo P.Dues 1921 & 25 sets m., 1957 set u.m., 1959 3f, 20f both f.u., etc. STC £50+ sl. dupl. (42)7
421Trinidad & Tobago dup. accum. in s/book, mainly commoner vals., but the odd few more unusual too15
422Tristan da Cunha 1961 Sea Life defin. set SG42-54 m.m. STC £75 (13)18
423Turkey 1926 set SG1021-34 compl. mint plus a few odds used ST C£180 (24)26
424U.N. 1983 Rights of Man sheetlet of 16 for Vienna & Geneva u.m. plus 1988 Forest sheetlets of 12 for NY, Geneva & Vienna u.m. STC £183+ as singles (100 stamps)30
425U.S.S.R. 1929 5k red, 10k SG727f, 15k green, 20k SG727h in large u.m. blocks STC £85 as singles.10
426“, 1980 Marine mammals compl. sheet of 40 with set se-tenant u.m., folded once through perfs. STC £348
427U.S.A. 1974 10c Xmas SG1549 u.m.(slight gum adhesion) with striking perf. variety - horiz perfs. run through centre of stamp. Most unusual. (1)20
428“, 1977 13c SG1698 u.m. with perf. error - horiz.perfs. not true & c.10mm too high. (1)20
429“, 1979 Olympics compl. u.m. sheet of 50 SG1765-8 se-tenant, STC £30 as singles (1)9
430“, early-modern sl. jumbled accum. in s/book, some useful looking earlies, but mixed cond. (1,000s?)24
431“, pre-cancels - s/book with dupl. colln. from 1920s-50s (a few later) wide range of cancels. (275+)24
432“, early-1980 mainly used dupl. accum. in s/book, some useful items, but mixed cond. throughout. (100s)20
433“, mint seln. in s/book, mainly 1950s-70s, plus earlier/later used, high face. (100s)12
434Yugoslavia 1966-68 u.m., mainly in sets, also ‘67 defin. range STC £43 (129, 1MS)8
435“, 1968-71 u.m. sets, largely complete, STC £53 (98, 1MS)9
436Zambia 1964-75 m.&u. (often both) colln., largely complete to 1970, etc. STC £90+ (160)11

United Kingdom Lots

4371840 to modern dupl. accum. in binder from 3 1d blacks (faults); line engraved seln. incl. 1841 1d reds, various 2d blues, 1/2ds, 11/2ds, surface printed to 1/-, 2/6 & 5/-; E7 to 2/6, GV to 5/-, GVI to £1 & QE ranges with better incl. modern mint seln. Must be viewed. (100s)150
4381840 1d black ‘B-K’ on cover, Kelso? (backstamp Oct 8 1840) to Leith, tied by red Maltese Cross, filing creases & other slight damage do not detract from or affect the 4 margin (3 wide, one good) stamp.80
4391840 1d black ‘K-K’ 4 margins (very close to very wide); smudgy, light, red M/Cross. 48
4401840 1d black ‘S-I’ 4 margins red M/C, attractive STC £275 minimum (1)42
4411840 1d black ‘A-G’ light, black M/C, 4 margins, slight faults, still attractive (1)38
4421840 1d black ‘Q-B’ 21/2 very wide margins, touching/slightly into at base & lower left. Red M/C (1)36
4431840 1d black ‘J-E’ 4 margins (close to wide), light, red M/C, small tear not visible from front. (1)34
4441840 1d black ‘L-L’ 4 margins, red MC, faults, but still attractive. (1)26
4451840 1d black ‘E-(C?)?’ one wide margin at left, margins top & bottom, into at right & missing top right-hand corner. red M/C, useful s’filler. (1)20
4461840 2d blue ‘K-B’ 4 margins, black M/C, STC £675 (1)70
4471840 2d blue ‘T-F’ sl. faults, no margins, but attractive. Light, black M/Cross (1)30
4481841 1d red seln. from very poor to very fine, worth checking for flaws/varieties, p’marks, etc. (130)34
4491847 embossed set cut to shape, sl. faults, but useful s’fillers STC £2,950 as cut square! (3)30
4501858-59 2d blue seln. worth checking for plates, varieties, etc. very poor - very fine. (35)38
4511858-79 1d SG43/44 pl.177 m.m. usual gum crazing, STC £45 (1)7
4521870 1/2d unchecked seln., poor to fine. STC £270 minimum (15)26
4531870 1/2d as last lot. (15)26
4541880-81 2d deep rose SG168a g.u. STC £90 (1)9
4551883-84 3d SG191 l.m.m. (some light toning) STC £225 (1)28
4561883-84 1/- SG196 g.-f.u. reasonable colour. STC £250 (1)24
4571883-84 10/- g.-f.u. (1)28
4581883-84 High value set (2/6, 5/-, 10/-) each with rubber CDS g.-f.u. STC £800 minimum. (3)60
4591924 Wembley set SG430-1 u.m. STC £30 (2)12
4601925 Wembley set SG432-3 mint (u.m.?) STC £55 (£80 as u.m.) (2)20
4611929 PUC 1/2d SG434a (sideways wmk.) slight toning. (1)4
4621934 10/- re-engraved Seahorse SG452 g.-f.u. CDS STC £80 attractive, deep colour. (1)20
4631934 re-engraved seahorse set av.-g.u. some pink staining to 10/-, etc. (3)9
4641934-36 Photogravure set SG439-449 (no 2d or 21/2d) m.m., most good to fine. (9)10
4651935-1970 mint (almost all fine u.m.) colln. in SG album, just a couple of sets up to the ‘50s, then largely complete incl. phosphor varieties from 1964. (100s)32
4661937-47 defin. set SG462-75 u.m. (the odd light gum bend but most v.f.) STC £45 (15)10
4671939-48 2/6 brown SG476 u.m. (sl. marks on face, may clean) STC £70 (1)8
4681939-48 2/6 brown SG476 u.m. STC £85 (1)18
4691939-48 high val. set mint; most, incl. the 10/- dark blue, fine u.m. STC £375 (6)80
4701948 RSW set mint, the £1 fine u.m. STC £40 (2)12
4711948 RSW set u.m. STC £40 (2)10
4721948 RSW set used (£1 is f.u.) STC £40 (2)12
4731951 festival high val. set u.m. (the usual light gum wrinkles). STC £100 (4)19
4741952-54 Tudor Crown set SG515-31 u.m. (slight scuff marks on 11d, rest fine) STC £100 (17)15
4751952-89 s/book with dupl. used ranges, some more interesting. (1,000s)18
4761953-70 (just a few earlier/later) dupl. colln. in s/book, incl. several better stamps. (100s)10
4771955-58 St. Edward’s set SG540-556 fine u.m. STC £160 (18)36
4781957 Graphite lined set SG561-6 u.m. only STC £12, but not common! (6)5
4791960s-70s FDCs largely compl. 1964-79, mostly handwritten, some dupl. (100s)18
4801962 NPY phos. set SG631p-633p u.m. STC £30 (3)7
4811963 F.f.H. phos. set SG634p-635p u.m. STC £33 (2)6
4821963 Lifeboat phos. set SG639p-641p u.m. STC £48 (3)15
4831963 Red Cross phos. set SG642p-644p u.m. STC £65 (3)18
4841964 Shakespeare pres. pack not too bad, usual opaque gum on strips, etc. (1)5
4851964 FRB presentation Pack, faults (split cellophane, etc.) but complete and genuine. (1)120
4861964 Geographical phos. set SG651p-654p STC £30 (4)8
4871964 Botanical phos. set SG655p-658p u.m. STC £30 (4)8
4881965 Parliament presentation pack, quite fine. STC £75 (1)10
4891972-81 various souvenir packs (& Year Packs for 1978, 79 & 80) (7)9
4901985 Year Pack, some marks, stamps fine u.m. (8 sets)6
4911986-92 colln. of Bureau FDCs in fine SG Major cover album (red) high cat. (50+)15
4921989-2002 dupl. ranges in partly filled s/book (100s)10
4931991 Commem. FDCs (Bureau) complete (no Greetings), Christian bklt. pane & country stamps STC £68+4
4941993 £10 Britannia u.m. (one to tuck away?) (1)10
4951993 £10 Britannia f.u., and another u.m. (2)10
4961993 horizontal format self-adhesive 1st class in bklt of 20 (in pres. pack with slight buckling to corner)8
4971993 Bureau FDCs almost compl. (no Swans or Greetings), incl. better. STC £105 (15)8
4981994 Bureau Commem. & defin. FDCs compl., N.I. bklt.pane STC £59+ (11)4
4991995 Bureau FDCs compl. for commems., defins. £3 Castle, etc. STC £64+ (12)4
5001996 Bureau FDCs compl., commems., defins, country stamps STC £92+ (14)5
5011997-2002 seln.of u.m. sets, etc. High face. (83)19
5021997 Bureau FDCs complete, commemoratives, definitives & country stamps STC £92 (13)5
5031998 Bureau FDCs complete, commemoratives, definitives & country stamps STC £68+ (11)4
5041998 Breaking Barriers bklt pane on bureau FDC with mis-spelled “Philaletic” cancel error (1)3
5051999 Bureau FDCs complete (no SG2077-2079), commemoratives, definitives & country stamps STC £216 Eclipse MS with slight faults. (23)16
5061999-2000 Boxed Royal Mail Millennium FDC collection complete. STC £200+ (24)22
5072000 Millennium Moments folder with PNC (MS cancelled 1999 & 2000 with £5 coin) (1)7
5082000 Bureau FDCs complete (no March or April Millennium issues), commemoratives, definitives & country stamps STC £162+ (16)13
5092002 Wilding collection I MS in presentation pack, scarce item. (1)16
510QV 1d reds, large dupl. seln. from stars to mainly plates, very mixed condition, still worth checking for plates, postmarks & plate flaws. (few 100)44
511U.m. seln.of sets, mainly 1980s, all different, high face. (44 sets)32
512Lever-arch file with dupl. mainly lower val. stamps on s/leaves, some better also, worth checking.(1,000s)28
513QV 1d reds (mainly plates) - few hundred, very poor to very fine. Ideal for somebody with time on their hands, sorting them may well repay! (plus some other stamps) (100s)24
514Presentation Packs - small seln. incl. £10 Britannia, various other 1990s plus Definitive Portrait bklt.(8)22
515Seln. of on-paper unfranked stamps, mainly definitives, some high values. (100s)20
516U.m. Machin defins. incl. country stamps. mainly 1980s-90s (93)16
517Early-modern m.&u. seln. in s/book incl. QV 1d lilacs, P.Dues, few GVI mint, etc. (100s)11
518Kiloware - small accum. 1960s to recent, almost all commems., in biscuit tin. (100s)8
519Country stamps - FDC colln. in SG Malvern alb., 1967-1990, mainly very fine. (61)8
520GVI commem. sets compl. (no RSW) mint, mainly fine u.m. STC £18 (19)5
521E7 used selection to 9d, mostly good to fine. (8)4
522Guernsey 1941 Arms set SG1-3 (2 shades of the 1/2d) (4)5
523Jersey 1941-43 1d on chalk paper SG2d in u.m. block of four STC £220 (1)60
524“ 1943-44 Views set SG3-8 mint (mainly fine u.m.) (6)9
525“, Large m.&u. accum. in 3 s/books, some better noted. (100s)28
The end of the sale, thank you for your attention

Shop News

As there's only two weeks between the last auction and the production of this catalogue, there's not much news I'm afraid! Just to make you aware of some of the things in this sale - apart from the usual selection of better Commonwealth material and several useful mixed lots that are definitely worth checking carefully, there's the estate of a collector/dealer. Bernard Holbrook, who had collected stamps since the 1930s had found his niche in life once he'd retired, as a stamp dealer, selling his wares mainly on e-Bay and mail order. His estate (the bulky part of it) is included in this sale - his stockbooks mostly well annotated, many stamps with labels and ready for anyone willing to take his passion forward. There’s even the odd display stand for the budding dealer among you!

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