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Monday, 25th June 2018


Murrayfield Ice Rink

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Sale Starts at 7:00 PM with viewing from 5:45 PM
All bids are accepted only on the understanding that you agree to abide by the Philatelic Auctioneer's Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (1985 Revision)

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There is a 10% buyer’s premium for this sale.

All World Mixed Lots

1Your “Summer-sorter”! Box packed with stamps on lvs., in pkts., albums, stockbooks, some covers and cards. Little of individual value seen, but there are probably several weekends worth of fun to be had going through it to check carefully. (10,000s?)34
2World accumulation in various binders & s/books, etc. Many worthwhile items seen among the duplicated, jumbled ranges. Much sorting fun! (10,000s)30
3Various collections: Greece in album; world ranges in six s/books and a stockalbum, strength in Germany and areas, USA, etc. Plus four old catalogues. (1,000s)30
4Varied ranges on alb. leaves in binders, etc. various periods/areas (only a little UK) (100s)30
5A somewhat similar lot to the last (100s)28
6Large & heavy box filled with all manner of things, incl. unsold auction lots; many FDCs (much UK), covers, stamps, coins & a few tokens. This lot won’t be taken to the venue or posted out. (1,000s)28
7A similar lot to the last, but no coins or tokens, but with some empty binders. (1,000s)28
8Stamps & covers in box; eclectic mix in albums & binders incl. some better/more interesting. Useful for Railway thematics (among others). Take a look - bargain at estimate. (100s)28
9World covers & postal stationery items, etc. commercial mail, so some faults, roughly opened/creases. etc., some interesting & unusual frankings, marks, censors (these 1940s), airmails, & more. (40+)28
10Thematics - Railways: album with colln. of foreign R’way thematics, plus ranges of UK private R’way labels, with some better items, nice lot! (100s)28
11Box with general world items in albums. Some pages & a bag of kiloware.28
12Shoebox crammed full with dupl. world stamps, mostly off-paper, loose; a few in pkts., in stockcards, etc., some potential seen here, but hours (possibly weekends?) needed to sort through properly! (1,000s)28
13Sorting box - little individual value seen, plus plenty of non-philatelic items too! (100s)26
14Box with UK & world seln. in 5 full-size s/books; various other pocket stockbooks & albums, plus loads of loose in pkts., enormous cat. value (but much duplication). (1,000s)26
15Mixed box with worldwide in albums, etc. Some quirky items noted. Worth checking.24
16Well-packed sorting box with some interesting items among the ‘makeweight’. Ideal for those rainy summer days when you’re stuck in the caravan! (1,000s)22
17Odd selection on s/leaves with collns. of m. UK 1936-71 STC £75; Cyprus QV-modern STC £50; Ireland dupl. u. seln STC £130; Israel SG40-583, much u.m., STC £50; Ghana 1958-60 um range STC £25(100s)22
18Lovely sorting box - stamps in packets & envelopes, some on lvs., couple of small boxes, a few old approval booklets, etc. plus an old (heavy) album - almost entirely picked. Hours of fun!22
19Small box with various covers, stamps, railway tickets, etc. Worth checking. (100s?)18
20Boxfile with seln. of on & off-paper stamps QV-GVI (strength GV-GVI), mostly UK, Canada & some India, but others too. Some useful looking perfins seen too. (1,000s?)18
21Odd m.&u. colln. in binder with Labuan (these mainly ‘barred cancels’), Leewards, Madagascar & Malawi. Some picking evident throughout. (100s)16
22Tin with all-world off-paper seln., early-modern. c.100gr, hours of sorting required! (1,000s)16
23Box with seln. of UK FDCs, foreign kiloware in pkts. (with better), stamps on lvs., (Iraq, Italy & Niue - these STC £115+, but mixed cond. & duplicated), etc. (100s)14
24Box with world ranges in album & loose in pkts.; others incl. UK on leaves & covers. (1,000S)14
25Small bundle of various packs & cards with Australia, China, NZ, Austria, etc. Mixed condition. (c.25)14
26Shoebox with on & off-paper mix; picked Triumph album c.1940s; etc. some unusual bits & pieces.(100s)13
27World kiloware in shoebox, mostly modern, with much Australia, etc. c.1.2Kg (1,000s)12
28Boxfile with small seln. of on & off-paper stamps in pkts., some covers & loose Canada, etc. (100s)12
29World kiloware c.1Kg, mostly 1970s-90s, some better seen. (1,000s)12
30Thematics - Railways: album with m.&u. colln. incl. locos., Rolling Stock, etc., not all ‘wallpaper’!(100s)12
31Sorting box with some picked albums & s/books, a couple of books, some covers, P/Cs, others, etc.12
32Box with early-modern stamps sorted into pkts., a few on lvs. or pocket s/books, some covers, etc.11
33Tub with world MS’s, etc. m.&u., mixed condition, surely some better & salvageable included? (100s)7
34Thematics - ‘Stamps on stamps’: m&u. ranges in binder.5
35World seln., mostly off-paper, early (a couple of QV) to modern, mostly middle; 100gr+, loads of fun(100s)5
36World covers incl. FDCs, special events, etc. in album. (64)5

British Commonwealth Lots

37QV ranges, mainly used, incl. Australian States, NZ, Grenada, St. Vincent, etc., some spacefillers. Plus others incl. range of Grenada, mainly g.-f.u., etc. STC £1,000s!44
38Album with mainly GV/GVI m.m. par sets (some colour changes, etc.) with better, but mixed cond. STC c.£820 (by an old catalogue!) (100s)38
39Box of mostly C/wealth BWI & Southern Africa on pages from various collections.36
40QV-QE collns./accumulations in five albums and a stockbook. Poor to fine, some better. (1,000s)30
41Box with C/wealth in albums & stockpages, some better noted, incl. a new issues tin.26
42British overprints - s/book with Morocco Agencies (200) & other o’prints (c.100), some duplication, worth checking. STC (excluding duplicates) £520 (c.300)22
43Partly-filled suitcase with seln. of odd items incl. various Omnibus issues in folders (1973, ‘74, ‘77, etc.); a few UK stamp bklts (mostly remaindered/empty); 1980 22c gold replicas on FDCs, etc.20
44Partly-filled 29 page s/book (would be 32, but three removed!) with early-modern ranges, strength in GVI to early QE. Plus a few other items. (100s)19
451945-46 Victory set in ‘Kenmore’ s/book, apparently compl.; supposedly u.m., but a couple we checked appeared v.l.m.m.19
46Various omnibus issues in albums 1972, 1977, etc., with stamps & FDCs in old suitcase. (100s)14
47UK & C/wealth m.&u. colln. in s/book; most interest & value in GVI seln., just a few others. (420+)14
48Storage tub filled with off-paper Australia, NZ, Canada & S.Africa, plus NZ in s/book. heavy dupl.10

Coins, FFCs, Postcards, Other Collectables, etc.

49Cigarette Cards Shoebox with seln. of cards, both cig. & trade; some older/more unusual (many ‘Churchman’), but very mixed condition. (100s010
50Coins Coin album (3-ring) with world coin seln., a few earlier, a couple silver & some face value.(300+)15
51“, Austria 1966 25s “Ferdinand Raimund” silver coin, uncirculated. (1)7
52First Flight Covers UK 1934 (1-12) Highland Airways Ltd Inverness-Wick/Wick-Inverness pair of FFCs attractive & neat (typed address) (2)15
53“, UK 1932 (19-1) London-Capetown cover (some toning/foxing - should clean nicely); 1/- perfin “SM”? tied by London airmail CDS, sent to Jo’burg (Backstamp 1 FEB 32) (1)12
54“, “, Birmingham to BT, C, IoW, Iom, L, Lon, M, P, S & T. (10 covers)24
55“, “, Bristol to BT, B, IoW, Iom, G, M &S (7 covers)19
56“, “, Cardiff to B, BR, Iow, L & P (5 covers)14
57“, “, Cowes (Isle of Wight) to BT, B, BR, M & S (5 covers)14
58“, “, Douglas (Isle of Man) to BT, B, BR, IoW, G, L, M & S. (8 covers)20
59“, “, Glasgow to B, BR, IoW, IoM, L & S (6 covers)12
60“, “, Manchester to BT, BR, B, IoW, IoM, G & S. (7 covers)18
61“, “, Liverpool to B, C, IoW, S & T. (5 covers)14
62“, “, London to BT, Iom, G, L &M. (5 covers)14
65Greetings Cards, Christmas, Greetings Cards, and others incl. ‘Coming of Age’, etc. Small, but interesting bundle, mostly 1900s-1930s.9
66Model Railway ‘Wills Finecast’ King George V loco, well-built, v.f. boxed (1)26
67“, M&L Premier ‘GWR Manor class 4mm’ fair to fine boxed (very slight rusting on tender wheels - easily replaced if desired - otherwise excellent!) (1)24
68Postcards Box with mainly older cards, mostly Topos, but also noting seln. of Shipping (Liners/Warships), etc. (c.300)30
69“, Worthwhile accum., mostly unused, mainly England, some Greetings, incl. better RP, etc. (c.170+)30
70“, Shoebox with mainly post-war cards used/unused, UK & foreign. (100s)8
71“, Football - 2 unused cards ‘Manchester Utd’ & ‘Bury’(both c.1908ish?), see photos of Facebook. (2)10
72“, Hospitals - ‘Berwick Infirmary Bazaar, sept 1925’ - seln. of unused cards incl. ‘The honorary Medical Staff’, the Infirmary Buildings’, ‘The Matron (Miss Forsyth)’, ‘The Operating Theatre’, etc. mostly good-fine to very fine. (8)24

Other Collectables (continued)

73Postcards (cont’d.),Hospitals - Couple of RP cards ‘Devonshire Hospital Buxton’ (‘Dr & Nurse’ and ‘Upper Corridor’) these g.-f., plus four others, mixed condition. (6)10
74“, Military WWI RP card ‘5th Reserve Lancs. Fusiliers Bury’, light damage, but unusual, plus ‘one of our tanks’ (ELPCo) (20)7
75“, Railway ‘Station Dalbeattie’ (Ref 289/39) Attractive card posted 10-1-10 to S. Africa. A couple of slight marks to edge, etc., but fresh & attractive. (1)6
76“, “, ‘Dumfries Railway Station’ posted Dumfries 10-6-10 to S. Africa; a couple of minor ‘dunts’ & slight surface damage at edges, etc., but still attractive. (1)5
77“, Shipping seln. of cards with ships incl. ‘Hands Across the Sea’, HMS King Edward VII, etc. Mixed condition, but still nice lot. (11)12
78“, South Africa 1910-20? ‘Tube Mill New Kleinfontein CMCo Benoni’ (REF O’877) & another with buildings in landscape; both slight faults, overexposed, but beautiful detail. Unusual. (2)9
79Railwayana, Labels ‘NER 6lb’, GNR 1d & 2d, GWR perfins on QV 1d reds, BR-SR reserved seat label, GWR Airmail 3d label (2), L&YR labels (4) & others. Poor to fine, incl. those mentioned (36 items)20
** “, see also lots 8,10, 19, 30, 75, 120, 326-330
80“, Tickets - mostly 1970s-80s seln. (with some bus tickets, etc.), on lvs., mounted with selvedge. Some unusual incl. (This Free Ticket ...’ 1973, issued for BR interview), etc. (50)11

Accessories, Supplies, etc.

81Watermark detector ‘Signoscope T2’ (battery operated) boxed, good 2nd hand. (1)18
8216 page (32 side) stockbook, red cover, fine 2nd hand. Currently filled with 100s of C.I. & IoM stamps! (1)9
83Four 2nd hand 22-ring albums (pages all with writing), still useful (4)8
84‘Philoscop postage stamp viewer’; expensive when new! maybe of use to someone. fine 2nd hand. (1)7
851960s(?) ‘Magniray Testmaster’ (magnifier with slides for perfs., measuring, etc. unteseted. (1)6
86Seln. of accessories incl. glassine bags, old Hawid mounts (strips & some cut to size), various pencils...4

Stamps Arranged by Country

87Aden 1953-64 QE basic issues complete. 1953-65 set of 25 to 20/- x2; ‘64-65 block wmk. set and commem. issues l.m.m. STC £220 (40)20
88“, Seiyun 1954-67 QE issues complete except for the Churchill Paintings. l.m.m. STC £216+ (53)19
89“, Hadhramaut 1954-66 QE issues compl. Except World Cup MS (SG MS78a) l.m.m. STC £195 (60)18
90Antigua 1921-29 4 vals. to 2/6 SG55-59 (no 2/- SG58) m.m. STC £28+ (4)5
91“, 1938-51 set to 5/- with all listed shades m.m. STC £224 (15)16
92“, 1953-62 set SG120a-134 m.m. STC £85 (15)8
93Ascension QE m.&u. dupl. seln. on 19 s/cards; high cat., mixed condition.28
94Australia 1913-77 m.&u. colln. in binder, useful early odds & part sets, some better looking later. (100s)40
95“, 1913-70s m.&u. colln. in printed album (pages go up to 1997, but faults.) some worthwhile items, incl. higher values, better sets, etc. although mixed condition. (100s)22
96“, 1923-24 £1 SG75 g.-f.u. a few lightly toned perfs. (should clean nicely), scarce item. STC £325 (1)48
97“, 1931-36 £1 SG137s (Specimen Overprint) m.m. unoverprinted stamp STC £650! (1)16
98“, 1931-36 £2 SG138s (Specimen o’print) u.m., slight toning , but still attractive. (1)17
99“, s/book with m.&u. ranges, mostly post-war & incl. PNG, AAT, etc. (100s)10
100“, BCOF Japan 1946-7 set SG J1-J7 m., mostly l.m.m. (5/- with area of toned gum) STC £190 (7)40
101“, & States 32 page s/book with mainly u. colln. with duplication; worthwhile, but sparse States scattered in between (these would benefit from specialist checking), ranges of GV Heads & Roos, and some more useful later items. (100s)60
102Austria 1950 Air set (Birds) SG1215-1221 f.u. STC £440+ (6)60
103“, early to 1950s m./u.m./g.u./f.u. incl. useful earlier with newspaper SG N38, N39 both f.u. 4margins (STC £270), later sets with better, post-war commems. mainly f.u. (STC £330+), 1950 3s f.u. (STC £160), etc. total STC £1,000+ (117)65
104Bahamas 1938-52 5/- SG156 u.m. gum slightly toned, but good for these. STC £170 (1)13
105“, 1938-52 5/- SG156 l.m.m. with usual streaky gum & slight toning. STC £170 (1)8
106“, 1938-52 £1 Sg157 m.m. with usual streaky gum STC £250, scarce stamp. (1)16
107“, 1938-52 £1 SG157b grey-green & black m.m. STC £200 (1)16
108“, 1938-52 set SG149-152a m.m. STC £150 (17)16
109Bahrain 1933 5r SG14w m.m. STC £170 key stamp. (1)36
110“, 1934-37 set to 4a m.m. SG15-19 m.m. STC £170 key 2a is u.m. (6)24
111“, 1938-41 12a SG31 m.m. STC £170 nice for these. (1)20
112“, 1938-41 10r SG35 m.m. STC £95 (1)15
113“, 1938-41 25r SG37 u.m. STC £130, slightly yellowish gum, key stamp. (1)26
114“, 1942-45 short set to 8a SG38-49 m.m. (31/2a creased). STC £132 (12)10
115“, 1942-45 set SG38-50 u.m. (31/2a is m.m.) STC £140 (13)15
116“, 1948-49 set SG51-60a m.m. key 10r is l.m.m. but with gum bend. STC £100 (11)8
117“, 1950 set SG71-79 m.m. STC £110 (9)14
118Barbados 1938-47 set SG248-256a m.m. STC £48 (16)6
119Belgium 1938-41 MS’s, etc. with SG MS 809 f.u. (slight fault), 1961 Orval perf./imperf.. winter range of perf/imperf. all mint, etc. STC £119 (12, 5MS)18
120“, Back of book 1850s-1940s parcel post & railway with better. STC £400 (164)22
121“, Airmail 1913 (24-8) Flying Post Ghent Exhibition Card ‘un franc’ vignette in red; 5c & 1c stamps tied by Exhibition roller cancel; 1c also by magenta Air Mail ‘Blankenberghe’ cancel. Other marks incl. violet circular rubber Airmail ‘exposition de Gand’, etc. unusual & scarce early air item. (1)19
122Bermuda 1918-22 10/- SG54/54c light fiscal use & small shallow thin, still attractive. STC £350 as postal24
123“, 1938 1d, 11/2d, 2d, 21/2d, 3d SG110-114 each in u.m. blocks of four. STC £125 as singles. (5 blocks)40
124“, 1938-53 2/- SG116b (line perf. 141/4) m.m. with usual streaky gum STC £350, good stamp. (1)20
125“, 1938-53 2/6 SG117 black & red on grey blue p.14 m.m. STC £70 (1)7
126“, 1938-53 10/- SG119 green & deep lake on pale emerald l.m.m. with usual toned gum STC £450 (1)30
127“, 1940 1/2d on 1d SG122 full sheet of 60 (perfs folded , a few split), u.m. many varieties on this issue11
128“, 1953-62 set SG135-150 m.m. (with both shades of 1/3); possibly not quite the freshest, but cheap est.14
129“, 1953-59 m. (mostly l.m.m.) range, with defin. set to £1 (2/6 gum bend); with extra dies & shade, plus commems. STC c.£140+ (28)14
130“, GVI high vals. seln. - 2/- (9 u.); 2/6 (2 u); 5/- (7 u): 12/6 m.; £1 (3 m.) some striking shades. (22)60
131“, GVI-QE dupl. m.&u. seln. on s/cards with better vals. & sets, but mixed condition. (200+)30
132“, GV dupl. m.&u. seln. on s/cards, high cat. , but mixed cond. throughout. plus a few earlier. (110+)14
133Br. Levant 1913-14 4pi & 5pi SG39, 40 m.m. STC £60 (2)8
134“, 1921 set SG41-50 m.m. (top 3 vals. u.m.) STC £90 (3)24
135Br. Occ’n. of Italian Cols., MEF 1943-47 set SGM11-M21 l.m.m. STC £85 (11)12
136“, Eritrea 1948-49 set SG E1-E12 l.m.m. STC £75 (13)11
137“, “, set SG E13-E25 m.m. STC £100, some overall toning. (13)10
138“, Somalia 1943-46 set SG S1-S9 m.m. STC £50 (9)7
139“, Tripolitania 1948 set SG T1-T13 m.m. STC £70 (13)10
140“, “, 1948 P. Due set SG TD1-TD5 m.m. STC £50 (5)8
141“, “, 1950 P. Due set SG TD6-TD10 m.m. STC £95 (5)12
142Br. Postal Agencies in E. Arabia 1948 set SG16-24 u.m. scarce as such STC £55 (9)10
143“, QE range of u.m. sets with ‘52-54 set SG42-51 (10), ‘53 Coronation SG52-55, ’55-60 high vals. SG56-57 and ‘56-57 set SG58-64 (7) STC £70+ (23)10
144Br. Solomon Is. 1939-51 defin. set SG60-762 (13), plus various shades, perfs., etc. l.m.m./m.m. (23)28
145Br. Virgin Is. 1956-62 set SG149-161 m.m. STC £110 (13)10
146Brunei 1908-22 set to $1 SG35-46 m.m. STC £108+ minimum. (11)15
147“, 1922 Borneo Exhibition 2c to 10c SG52-56 m.m. nice for these. STC £84 (5)12
148“, 1922 $1 Borneo Exhib. SG59 m.m. without the usual gum tone, very slight marks to face. STC £7513
149“, 1924 16 vals. to 30c SG60-76 (no 4c SG64) m.m. 6c SG 69 with brown gum. STC £211 (16)19
150“, 1952-58 set SG100-113 m.m. most vals. look u.m. STC £65 (14)6
151Bulgaria 1932 Air set SG323-325 f.u. STC £150 (3)12
152Burma 1946 Victory in large u.m. blocks/part sheets - 9p & 11/2a each x53; 2a & 3a each x54. Some faults (incl. gum, etc.) useful & high catalogue value. (4 items)30
153“, 1947 set SG68-82 l.m.m. STC £50 (15)7
154“. Officials 1946 set SG O28-O40 m.m. STC £75 (13)9
155“, Officials 1947 set SG O41-O53 l.m.m. STC £200, good set. (13)19
156Canada 1859-1963 colln. in binder m.m. & u., the odd few faults (particularly on earlies), generally fine incl. better/higher vals. GV to $1 (SG303 & 351); GVI $1 (SG367 u., SG388 m.), etc. Plenty of scarcer coil perfs. (but check the gum on some of these). High cat., useful ‘starter’. (100s)34
157“, 1859 used seln. 1c, 5c, 121/2c, 17c each x2 & 1864 2c. Some faults, but above average, useful fillers. (9)24
158Canada (continued), 1937-38 set SG357-367 m.m. STC £180 (1)18
159“, 1939 (Au 1) FFC ‘Montreal-Southampton. 5x 6c Airmail SG371 tied be Montreal CDS & special FF cachet, re-directed (in pencil) & sl. faults, but still attractive. (1)7
160“, 1942-48 War Effort set m. (some heavy mounts, etc.), not bad from front. SG375-388 STC £15018
161“, 1962-79 interesting m.&u. colln. of commems. & defins. in binder with perfs. (coils), phosphors, some earlier, Postage dues, etc. (100s)28
162“, 1967 P. Due set SG D25-31 u.m. (but some gum imperfections) (7)6
163“, QV-1970s (a few more modern) large seln. of dupl. m.&u. ranges on s/cards; ex dealer’s stock. High catalogue lot, but check the condition carefully. (100s)95
164“, Box with various albums, stamps in packets, etc. all with Canadian interest. The beginnings of a reasonable collection. Early to modern. (1,000s)40
165“, QV-QE colln. in printed album with some extra lvs. included. Strength probably in GVI to early QE, with several useful items seen. (100s)40
166“, QV-GVI (a few more recent) dupl. mainly u. colln. in partly-filled 32 page s/book. Several better, unusual items seen, but mixed cond. (Plus a few K.U.T. at back of s/book). (100s)24
167Cayman Is. 1948 RSW set SG129-130 m.m. STC £24+ (2)5
168Ceylon 1938-49 set SG386c-397a m.m./l.m.m. STC £100 as cheapest. (14)9
169Christmas Is. 1958-79 m.&u. collection on stockleaves. (95 + 4MS)12
170Cook Is. 1963 set SG163-173 l.m.m. STC £40 (11)5
171Denmark Binder with used colln. on Hagners with strength in defins. From earlier to c.1961 with some DWI & Sleswig. STC £550 (badly damaged stamps not counted). Mixed cond. throughout. (c.440)48
172Egypt 1897 (4 Mar) cover (small format, horiz. crease, etc. but should clean) Cairo-Kilravock Castle ‘Fort George Station’ CDS on reverse, franked 1pi blue (SG54 or similar) (1)5
173Falkland Is. 1948 RSW set SG166-7 m. (£1 is u.m.) STC £92 (2)22
174“, 1952 GVI set SG172-185 m.m. STC £180 (14)36
175“, GV duplicated m.&u. seln. on 14 s/cards with some better shades, etc. poor to fine high cat.80
176“, QV seln. of dupl. (incl. useful shades) stamps, high cat., but mixed condition. Values to 4d. (41)60
177“, QE m.&u. seln. on 70 s/cards, useful vals., but mixed cond. (100s)60
178“, GVI m.&u. dupl. seln. on 15 s/cards with better sets & odds.50
179“, E7 duplicated m.&u. ranges to 1/- (30)32
180“, South Georgia 1963 short set to 5/- SG1-13 m.m. STC £104+ (13)9
181Finland Early-1960 mainly used colln. on Hagners in binder from seven serpentine roulettes (these huge cat., but not counted as poor condition); some better sets. STC £550+ Mixed condition. (c.395)40
182France 1868 20c SG115a off-centre but appears u.m. (scarce as such) STC £350+ (1)16
184“, 1876 3c SG249 m.m. nice for these STC £350 (1)19
185“, 1876 4c SG214 (‘N under R’) m.m. STC £225 (1)9
186“, c.1924-60s commems./charities m./u.m./u., incl. 1942 Relief Fund l.m.m., ‘36 air to 3f50 f.u. STC £370, also 1936 50f f.u. but rounded corner (this STC £500). (71)68
187“, 1936 50f air stamp SG541 g.u. (would be f.u., but diagonal blue crayon mark from registered use)46
188“, 1936 10f South American Flight SG554 m.m. STC £450 (1)65
189“, 1936 10f South America Flight SG554 g.-f.u. STC £180 (1)42
190“, 1949 1,000f air l.m.m., couple slight gum wrinkles as usual. STC £200 (1)30
191“, 1952 Relief Fund set SG1151-1156 m.m. STC £78 (6)7
192“, 1960 Air set SG1457-1460 u.m. STC £34 (5)6
193“, 1984 Air set SG2614-2614d u.m. STC £60+ High face. (4)10
194“, Military Frank 1907 SG M348a ‘FM’ inverted l.m.m. STC £140,, scarce. (1)10
195“, Mil. Frank 15c SG M324 m.m. STC £90 (1)6
196French Colonies, album with interesting m.&u. early-middle ranges, incl. ‘classics’. (335)38
197“, Album with mainly early-modern ranges, plenty of interest and very varied. Little or no dupl. (100s)24
198“, Stockbook (broken) with mainly u.m. dupl. accum. 1960s issues (incl. some post-independence), some earlier too. Worth checking. (100s)18
199“, small s/book with m.&u. ranges, mostly 1920s-50s. Mixed condition throughout. (350+)9
200“, Senegal Early-middle, m. or u. colln. STC £350 (230)32
201“, Comoro Is. s/leaf with mostly u. seln.; mainly higher vals. & including better, only a little duplication. Plus small, useful Wallis & Futuna range STC £300+. (56)32
202“, Fr. Polynesia range of covers (mostly 1980s-2000s) with wide range of adhesives (high cat!); mostly commercial/personal & neatly opened. Unusual lot. (120+)15
203Gambia 1938-46 11/2d SG152/152b the three shades m.m. purchased from reputable source, look OK but sold ‘as-is’. STC £283+ as genuine. (3)10
204German States, Oldenburg 1861 set (6 values) each in unused part-sheet of 104 (8x13) STC £33,000+ as cheapest shades if genuine! (which these aren’t - or maybe you know better!) (6 items)18
205Germany 1899 ‘Reichspost’ High value set SG62-65 mint - unfortunately only reprints ‘Nachdruck’ on reverse, couple of slight gum spots, etc., useful spacefillers. (4)5
206“, 1927 International Labour Office set SG421-3 m.m. STC £70 (3)14
207“, early-1950s m.&u. from States to early BRD/DDR, noting both 1936 Olympic MSs m. (marginal faults on one). High cat. value. (82, 2MS)24
208“, Allied Occup’n. Binder with ranges of various Zones incl. better French & Soviet, etc. Plus a few WWII occup’ns. & others. enormous cat. value, worth specialist checking. (100s)50
209“, “, Bi-zone 1949 Hannover Fair MS used with special Exhibition cancels (22-4-49 = FD) some faults but scarce. STC £375 (1)32
210“, “, “, 1949 Hannover Fair MS l.m.m. on margin SG MS A145 STC £120 (1)16
211“, “, Fr. zone Baden 1949 Rastatt set SG FB50-FB52 f.u. STC £138 (3)28
212“, B.R.D. 1984 Year Book, slip case scuffed, all stamps fine u.m. (1)6
213“, Upper Silesia s/card with m. seln. with better incl. two ‘Plebiscite’ overprints (these sold ‘as-is’) Check for flaws/varieties, etc. (65+)5
214Gibraltar 1904-08 £1 SG64 fiscal use (perfin & light oval cancels) STC £700 as postal. (1)20
215“, 1921-27 2/- SG99/99a (script CA) av.-g.u. STC £45 minimum. (£80 if reddish purple) (1)15
216“, 1925-32 10/- SG106 g.-f.u. STC £80 (1)20
217“, 1938-51 defin. issue with duplicated m. values incl. perfs., etc. on s/cards. (62)28
218“, 1960-62 defin. set SG160-173 u.m., some wrinkles from storage) STC £80 (14)12
219“, 1990s-2000s seln. of u.m. sheetlets, etc. High face value (Stated to be £113+) (37 items)48
220Gilbert & Ellice Is. 1956-62 set SG64-75 m.m. STC £70 (12)8
221Greenland Mainly used collection to 1990 on stockleaves, with better. STC £140 (109)15
222Hong Kong Double sided s/leaf with range of mainly GVI (just a few GV) incl. 1940 Centenary set (m.m.), slight duplication STC (excl. dupl.) c.£380, mostly g.-f. (Plus 30c olive yellow m.m. slight toning, etc. STC £150) (65+)28
223Iceland Early-1960 mainly u. colln. on s/leaves STC £575 (not counting badly damaged & counting the ‘Tollur’ cancels at 1/20th cat.). Worth checking. (c.200)38
224India 1880 cover Calcutta-Glasgow franked 1/2a & 2x 2a, m/s ‘Via Brindisi’; ‘Howrah TPO Receiving Office Mar 24’, ‘Outw. 27 Mar Bombay’, & ‘Glasgow apr 15’ backstamps. minor faults, attractive.11
225“, 1948 Gandhi set on illustrated FDC (faults) 10r SG308 small, minor abraded spot, see scan on website. STC £140 as stamps. (1)30
226“, Lucky bag - c.175gr off-paper mix, mostly 1940s-60s, with duplication. (1,000s)9
227“, Forces in Korea 1953 set (12) on registered cover to India cancelled with FPO No741 CDSs, slight marks on reverse, but scarce and unusual. STC £100 for stamps alone. (1)40
228“, Internat. Comm. in Indochina 1954 o’print set SG N1-N15 on 3 FDCs, each tied by appropriate CDS. stamps alone STC £55 (3 covers)30
229“, Jaipur 1947-48 Silver Jubilee set m.m./l.m.m. (9)6
230Italy 1911-28 m.&u. colln., many better singles/sets incl. SG86-99, 126-131, Airs SG200, 202, 203 all f.u., useful back of book, etc. also 1937 SG499 f.u., etc. STC £1,130 (88)60
231“, 1932-38 fine m. commems. incl. ‘32 Dante air set, ‘33 Fascist postage set (no 60c), ‘34 Milit. postage set, ‘37 famous Italians set ‘38 2nd Anniv. postage set, etc. STC £526 (86)48
232“, 1932 Fascist set SG350-365 m.m./l.m.m. (missing 15c SG352 Cat £1) STC £150+ (15)38
233“, 1945-50s m.&u. mainly better commems. incl. 1951 Gymnastics set m., ‘49 Cent SG726 g.u., etc. STC £1,200) (45)50
234“, 1949 UPU SG725 m.m. STC £110 (1)15
235“, Triplolitania 1934 Colonial Post & air sets SG204-215 l.m.m., Some light gum toning, most noticeable on perfs. STC £60 (12)10
236Jamaica 1956-58 set SG159-174 l.m.m. (2/- to £1 u.m.) (16)10
237“, dupl. m./u.m./u. accum., various periods, ripe for checking. (100s)20
238Kenya 1966-71 defin. set SG20-35 u.m. STC £26 (16)9
239K.U.T. 1938-54 1c SG131a in complete sheet of 100, some perfs. split, attractive lot (Plate “2/4A”) (1)20
240“, 1935-37 5c SG111a rope joined to sail in block of 10 u.m., slightly yellowed gum STC £400 as m.m.219
241“, 1938-54 15c SG138 (blk. & green)) in compl. sheet of 100, some marginal creasing & a few outer perfs. split, but still attractive & useful. (Plate “3A/3A”) STC £300 as singles. (1)42
242“, 1935-37 3/- & 5/- SG120, 121, g.u. STC £42 (2)7
243“, 1935-37 1/- SG118b (p.13x12) used. Maybe not the freshest, but scarce stamp. STC £140 (1)8
244“, 1938-54 30c SG141a p.14 m.m. STC £160, scarce perf. (1)9
245“, 1938-54 5/- SG148 p. 131/4 m.m. STC £150 (1)9
246“, 1953 Coronation SG165 in complete sheet of 60, attractive. (Plate “1B/2B”) (1)20
247“, 1960-62 defin. set SG183-198 l.m.m. STC £70 (16)9
248Kuwait 1923-24 10r SG15 m.m. with disturbed gum STC £275, scarce stamp. (1)16
249“, 1939 short set to 1r SG36-47 m.m. slight gum toning. STC £187 (9)22
250“, 1945 set SG52-63 m.m. (4a toned), STC £75 (13)10
251“, 1948 RSW set SG74-75 u.m. STC £40+ (2)13
252Leeward Is. 1954 set SG126-140 u.m. STC £60 (15)13
253Luxembourg 1956 Europa set SG609-611 m.m. STC £425 (3)60
254Malaya, Straits Settlements Imperial Reply Coupon - 1935 Straits Settlements 10c Issuing CDS (Singapore 1FE 1935) light wrinkling and vertical fold, but extremely scarce item. (1)38
255Malta 1886 5/- SG30 m.m., slight overall, even toning of paper. STC £110 (1)15
256“, 1899-11901 set SG31-35 g.-f.u. STC £100 (5)24
257“, 1899-1901 set SG31a-35 m.m. STC £190 (5)22
258“, 1902 1d SG37/37a in pair with ‘One Pnney’ variety, looks u.m. STC £33 as m.m. (1 pair)7
259“, 1935 1/2d Silver Jubilee SG210 lower marginal 4 block with SG210a (extra flagstaff) flaw, a couple of toned perfs. (1 block)5
260“, 1935 1/2d Silver Jubilee SG210 with minor (but striking) flaw ‘broken flagstaff’ g.u. (1)4
261“, 1938-43 set SG217-231 m.m. some hinge remains. STC £75 (21)8
262“, 1948-53 1/2d SG235 in block of 6 with SG235a variety (NT joined) u.m. slight toning. (1 block)4
263“, 1954-68 seln. of u.m. varieties (in [pairs with normal) bought from SG in 1971 (with original order form!) (16 items)14
264“, Seln. of m.&u. stamps on stockcards incl. a few better, but mixed condition. (250+)15
265“, P.Dues - 1925 set SG D1-D10 l.m.m. STC £60 (10)8
266“, P. Dues - 1925 SGD11-D20 mint, look u.m. except 1/2d. STC £40 (8)7
267Mauritius 1969 defin. set (fish, etc.) SG382-9 in u.m. blocks of 4. STC £108+ (18)18
268“, GV-QE ranges with GV heads m.&u., ‘48 RSW 10r u.m., ‘50 set to 50c m. & complete used, ‘53-58 set u., STC £260+ (71)32
269Morocco Ag. 1925-36 1/- SG61b overprint 151/2mm long m.m. STC £55 (1)8
270Muscat 1944 set SG1-15 l.m.m. & Official set SG O1-O10 u.m. STC £58 (25)11
271Netherlands Early-1950s m.&u. mainly g.-f., with one stockleaf alone STC £2,100, incl. better earlies, some u.m. commem. sets, etc. Plus loads more for checking. (100s)95
272“, S/book with early-modern ranges, some useful dupl. on earlies (shades/perfs., etc.), the odd few better values seen, including charity sets. Must be viewed. (100s)38
273Newfoundland Lucky bag - duplicated seln. of mainly GVI values in glassines. (200+?)5
274New Guinea 1915-16 10/- SG84 l.m.m., but creased, etc. STC £150, good spacefiller. (1)7
275“, 1918-22 1/2d SG119 & SG120-124 set of 5 to 4d x2 l.m.m. STC £50 (6)8
276New Zealand 1920 Victory set SG453-8 u.m., small marks on face of 1/- STC £55 (6)9
277“, 1931 ‘Smiling Boys’ Health set SG456-7 av.-g.u. STC £135 (2)30
278“, 1938-44 1d SG605w (inverted watermark) v.l.m.m. STC £24 (1)4
279“, 1940 Centenary set SG613-625 m.m. the odd few slight faults, most fine l.m.m. STC £709
280“, 1940 Centennial set u.m. SG613-625 STC £70 (13)15
281“, 1942 (21-7 neat censored air cover Auckland-Edinburgh with 3/- (Mt. Egmont) & 6d attractive item.6
282“, 1956-75 seln. of Health MSs (mounted on margins) STC £250 (12)26
283“, 1984-2000 colln. in printed alb., largely compl. to 1991, rather more gaps thereafter. Plus mainly u.m. MS’s. (760, 22 MS)20
284“, Qv-1966 m.&u. colln. in binder, many better sets & odds; the odd few faults, but mostly g.-f., incl. defin. sets, better health sets (& M/S’s), and more! Take a look. Ideal starter. (100s)42
285“, Nice seln. of stamps on s/leaves, early-modern with plenty of scope for the specialist. Useful duplication noted (papers/wmks./perfs., etc.?) Mixed condition, but massive potential. (100s)24
286N.Z. (continued), Seln. on s/cards from 1930s onwards, a little duplication. STC £450 (c.340)14
287“, S/book with mainly used ranges from a few QV (incl. some advert underprints) to 1980s & beyond.9
288“, small seln. on old alb. leaf & loose in pkts., mixed cond., worth checking. Strength in earlier. (100+)5
*** Nigeria see lot 290
289Norway Early-1965 mainly used collection. on stockleaves in binder; some better & unusual, back of book selection. STC c.£930 (not counting badly damaged) (c.475)36
290Oil Rivers 1892-94 set SG1-6 f.u. (the 2d, 5d & 1/- with neat red ‘Benin River’ CDSs); couple of trifling faults (toning on 1/2d; sl. damped fugitive green ink on 2d & 1/-, but not too bad! See photo on website.) STC £120+ (6)38
291Pakistan 1961 7p on 1a SG125 u.m. block of 4 with striking ‘missing 4’ flaw lower right (plus partially missing ‘4’ on stamp above. (1)15
292P.N.G. 1952-58 set SG1-15 l.m.m./u.m. STC £85 (16)18
293Poland, Govt. in Exile 1941 set of 8 on reg. cover tied by circular Polish Army Field Post CDSs (6-4-42) & boxed 1-4-42 Boxed Naval cancels. Red censor mark. Flap missing, marks & folds, but attractive.20
294“, 1942 set SG486-493 f.u. on reg. censor cover (to Kirkcaldy) cancelled black boxed Naval cancel 6 Ap 44 slight marks, etc. otherwise fine & unusual. (1)20
295“, POs in Turkey 1919 5mk SG12 & later unissued 10mk & 20Mk, all mint. STC £42+ (3)14
296Portugal 1947 costumes set m.m. most fine l.m.m. STC £245 (8)44
297“, A mixed bag, with range of earlies incl. SG46 STC £110 & SG99 STC £1,600 - both reasonable u. copies. Some early Colonies too, then 1946 MS MS997a m. (wrinkles), 7 modern MSs, etc. (80, 8MS)50
298“, Madeira 1868-79 three covers to Scotland: each with stamp tied by ‘31’ barred cancel, Funchal CDS & various backstamps. (including one with ‘Edinr & Carstairs Sorting Tender’!) some faults - including stamps, but still a good lot & very attractive. (3)15
299“, Mozambique 1887 cover Nyassa-England with 50r stamp (faults), not tied; flap with ‘Br. Consulate Nyassa’; Lisbon & Portsmouth backstamps. Interesting, scarce & potentially of use! (1)9
300Qatar 1957-59 Castles set SG13-15 u.m. STC £18 minimum. (3)5
301Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1954 set SG1-15 m.m. (3d damaged corner) STC £119+ (16)10
302“, “, 1959-62 set SG18-31 m.m. STC £110 (15)10
303Russia Small s/book with m.&u. seln. of early stamps, poor to very fine. (125+)5
304Sabah 1964 short set to $2 SG408-421 l.m.m. STC £49+ (14)5
305St. Helena 1953-59 defin. set SG153-165 u.m. STC £75 (13)22
306St. Kitts Nevis 1935-79 m.&u. colln. in binder: 1935 Silver Jubilee set (both m.&u.), 1938-50 set SG68-77f m.; RSW & UPU f.u.; ‘52 defin. set m., & fairly complete 1957 onwards. High cat. val., despite the the odd slight fault, a nice lot. (100s)42
307St. Lucia 1902-79 m.&u. colln. with better e.g. 1902-03 set SG58-62 m. (1/- one blunt perf.) GV to 1/- m.; GVI to 5/- & 10/- m.; RSW set m.m.; ‘49-50 decimal set f.u., fairly compl. thereafter. (100s)50
308St. Vincent 1856 6d UK horizontal pair cancelled “A10” SGZ4 STC £325 as single stamp. Sl. faults.60
309“, 1904-11 5/- SG92s (specimen overprints) l.m.m. STC c.£60 (3)18
310Seychelles 1954-61 set fine mint set STC £80 (19)8
311South Africa 1925 Air set SG26-29 g.-f.u. STC £100 (4)16
312“, (& SWA) an accum. on pages, s/lvs., etc.better sets & odds included, mainly fine m./u.m/u. (100s)32
313Spain Early-modern, accum. of varied contents & condition, but useful seen incl. 1936 Monuments MS perf. & imperf. m. (peripheral faults, but stamps u.m.) (240, 2MS)30
314Swaziland 1938-54 2/6, 5/- & 10/- SG36a, 37b & 38a u.m. marginal pairs STC £178 (3 pairs)22
315Sweden 1966-94 Booklet range mainly pictorial types incl. sets, etc. Stamps alone STC £300+ (25)24
316“, Early-1960 mainly u. seln. on s/leaves STC £630 (not counting s’fillers), some better, take a look(455)34
317Switzerland 1940s-90s mainly u.m. ranges of commems., Pro-Juv., Pro Patria, etc. many in sets, some duplication, but extensive coverage & high cat. val. (287, 2MS)36
318“, Binder with mainly used colln. to 1960, with some better (but mixed condition throughout) & ranges of Pro-Juv. sets, P.Dues, Officials, Offices, etc. STC £2,000+ not counting s’fillers. (c.530)48
319Transjordan 1930-39 short set to 500m SG194b-206 l.m.m. STC £120+ (15)14
320Trinidad 1909 set SG146-148s (Specimen overprints) u.m. STC £85 (3)15
321Trinidad & Tobago 1913-37 used (most av.-g.) accum. on 4 album pages STC £95+ (45+)13
322“ 1935 Silver Jubilee 2c SG239/239a corner marginal block of 4 with extra flagstaff variety m.m. (1)7
323“, 1948 RSW set SG259-260 l.m.m. STC £30+ (2)6
324Turkey c.1930s-60s mainly m., many commems. included SC £250+ (175)18
325“, M.&u. seln. on stockleaves, from earlier to 1994, plenty of scope for the specialist. (450)14
Uganda Railway Telegraph Labels, The following 5 lots are the 1902 issue used on receipt part of telegraph form, and each with Nairobi cancels. Very scarce items in usual mixed condition (quite fine for fiscals/cinderellas!) ‘Hiscocks’ catalogue refers.
326“, “, 1902 (27-7) 4r & 6a H3, H9 (1)28
327“, “, 1902 (11-9) with 2a, 8a & 2r (2r with vertical crease) H1, H4, H7. (1)26
328“, “, 1902 (11-9) 2a, 12a, 1r H1, H5, H6 (1)26
329“, “, 1902 (16-9) 6a, 8a, 3r (3r vertical crease) H3, H4, H8 (1)26
330“, “, 1902 (20-11) 1r H6 (1)22
331Ukraine Bundle of covers (incl. uprated postal stationery envelopes) Mariupol-Edinburgh 1989-91 (& a few later to ‘95) with wide range of adhesives (USSR &/or Ukraine mix!) and cancels. Great research material! (25)11
332USSR (& Russia) S/book with useful looking mainly used ranges the odd few better 1920s-50s; earlier worth specialist checking ... have fun! High cat. lot. (100s)28
333USA 1851-1940 mainly u. colln. in S/book with better issues & unusual values, mixed cond., so check them carefully. Bargain at estimate! (100s)30
334“, 1861 12c SG65 g.-f.u. (centred low right) STC £120 (1)28
335“, 1861 24c SG74 (lilac) an attractive example of this scarce stamp, one slightly pulled perf., light cancel. STC £325 (1)28
336“, 1893 Columbus Expo. 50c SG245 av.-g.u. STC £180 (1)24
337“, 1898 Trans Mississippi 50c SG297 av.u. STC £190, useful s’filler. (1)18
338Vatican City 1939 Vacante set f.u., ‘49 set SG139a-148a m.; SG159-67 m (3 sets); plus the scarce 1952 Cent. MS SG MS176a m. (slight imperfections). STC £680 (37, 1MS)55
339Zanzibar 1937 (21 Feb?) P/card ‘M Gambo Village, Crossing the Creek’ to Glasgow, tied 1936 20c Jubilee stamp SG324. Scarce. (1)8

United Kingdom Lots

3401840 1d black ‘L-I’ slight thinning at base, smudgy red Maltese Cross, still attractive, 4 wide margins. (1)48
3411840 1d black ‘O-J’ neat & clean, but less than one complete margin! still attractive; red M/Cross. (1)16
3421840 1d black ‘B-D’ faults (thinned, just into at corner, etc.), otherwise 4 margins, red M/Cross (1)15
3431840 1d black ‘D-G’ 4 margins, but small thin sot; slightly grubby, but should clean. (1)14
3441841-1970 m.&u. colln. in binder, fairly sparse to GV; mixed condition throughout, but most of the early phosphor sets seem fine (1962 NPY 3d rounded corner; no 1963 Cable), etc. (100s)38
3451841 2d blue pl.3 SG114 v.f.u. horiz. strip of 3 ‘M-I’ to ‘M-K’, light 1844 type cancel. (1)90
3461854-57 1d SG29/33 (lar.Cr. p.14) in horiz. pair, perfs folded, a couple split, ‘466’ Liverpool spoon cancel.5
3471854-57 2d’s SG20/23 sl. short corner; SG27 a few trimmed perfs; SG34-35 STC £855 as fine. (4)12
3481854-57 1d SG29/33 l.m.m. one short perf., attractive. (1)8
3491858-79 2d SG46/47 pl.15 looks u.m. STC £525, good stamp. (1)20
3501880-83 1/- pl.14 SG163 m.m. (toned gum & couple tone spots, etc.) STC £750 Fine spacefiller. (1)8
3511880-81 2d SG168 m.m. with part original gum. STC £340 (1)10
3521881 1d Postal fiscal SG F22 (die 4, wmk. anchor) used on cover (slight faults, still neat. (1)8
3531883 6d Gov’t Parcels SG O62 g.u. for these (1885 CDS) STC £1,400 for genuine, sold ‘as-is’. (1)10
3541887 1/- green SG212 l.m.m., useful high cat. stamp. (1)85
3551900 cover 1d lilac, tied by ‘VR’ machine cancel London ‘JU 25 00’ (“1” below VR), slight marks, etc. still useful, Whitney 10/51 (1)4
3561902 R.H. official 1d SG O92 unused (no gum), short corner, looks OK & believed to be genuine, but sold ‘as-is’ STC £325 as mint. (1)8
3571902-13 10/- lightly used some faults (creasing, perfs., etc.), but doesn’t look too bad. High cat. (1018
3581912-24 set SG351-395 1 x 9d (no 9d green) STC £183 minimum (14)16
3591930s-70s (mostly 1960s) mint stamps in large blocks/part sheets & some singles/pairs. (100s)12
3601935 (7 May - Charing Cross, Glasgow CDS’s) Silver Jubilee set neat reg. FDC. Printed envelope, slightly uneven, very scarce item. (1)70
3611937-47 11/2d bklt. pane SG464b ‘saving is simple/Home Safe’ with selvedge m.m. STC £120+ (1)18
3621937-47 wmk. s’ways set (5) SG452a-466a m.m. (2d is u.m.) STC £172. Good perfs. for these. (5)12
3631939-48 High val. set mint (from looking almost u.m. - incl. 2/6 brown, to m.m. with slight marks on gum - £1) STC £425 (6)55
3641948 (10 Oct) Olympics illus. reg. FDC, typed address. (Manchester CDS), neat. (1)9
3651951 Festival High value set SG509-512 u.m. STC £100 (4)26
3661953-200 colln. of FDCs in 5 albums; plus some special event, signed, etc. Poor to fine. (250+)40
3671960s (mainly) s/book (fine) filled wit range of mint stamps, often in large blocks/part sheets) (100s)6
3681963 Red Cross set, each value on illus. cover with Aberdeen FD cancel. (3)3
3691964 Shakespeare Pres. pack, as good as they come (flat & smooth, but with the usual strip/gum faults)3
3701964 Botanical Pres. Pack very slight minor corner fault, but still attractive & scarce. STC £160 (1)18
3711967-68 10/- SG761 (Edin’r Castle) in compl. sheet of 40 (pl.2), some wrinkles, etc. Plus 1970 10/- SG831 3 sheets of 40 & a sheet (50) of 1980 London80 50p (5 items)32
3721974 Churchill set in u.m. traffic light gutter pairs. (4 pairs)5
3731974 10p SG949 traffic light gutter pair u.m. STC £65 (1 pair)5
3741974 Warriors set in u.m. traffic light gutter blocks of 4 (4 blocks)5
3751979-93 colln. of FDCs & couple of pres. packs, PNC, etc. in two Royal Mail Cover albums. (130+)22
3761983 Year Pack (7 sets)5
3771984 Year Pack (9 sets)6
3781988 Year Pack (8 sets)5
3791989 Year Pack (8 sets)5
3801990 Year Pack (9 sets, 1MS)6
3811999-2000 Millennium Presentation Packs complete in binder. Face = £40+ (24 packs)30
382Prestige Booklets - seln. of eight, with Profile on Print, Definitive Portrait, N.T., etc., mostly fine; plus B. Potter, slightly damp affected. (9)40
383Box with various in s/books, SG printed album with pre-decimal mint & packs noted.30
384Prestige booklets - seln. of £5 & £6 bklts., mostly fine with Scots, Christie, Tolkein, etc. (7)28
385GV duplicated accumulation in stockbook, mixed condition, but including better too ... worth checking for watermarks, shades, varieties & postmarks. (100s)26
386M.&u. accum. in album, 2 s/books (incl. some useful blocks, etc.), strength in GV-GVI, plus a few old catalogues, loose stamps in pkts., etc. (1,000s)20
387E7 dupl. seln. on s/lvs. to 9d, 10d &1/-, despite mixed cond., still worth checking. Better included (650+)18
388Odd selection - the remains of E8 3/- bklt ‘332’; GV bklt. ‘304’; used GVI with advert. labels attached (two pairs & block of 4); used vert. pair of 1948 RSW £1. (6 items)15
389Sorting box: seln. incl. 1960s FDcs, some stamps in tubs (incl. QV 1d lilac bundleware), signed covers, a few other bits & pieces. (100s)15
390Thousands of off-paper stamps sorted into pkts., who knows what you’ll find? (1,000s)14
391Booklets - decimal seln. with greetings & window bklts, etc. (19)14
392Sorting box with QV-QE in alb., 1960s m.&u. in cigar box & tub, various FDCs, etc. (1,000s?)14
393Kiloware c.1Kg, direct from charity source, mostly modern, incl. better & unfranked. (1,000s)12
394Kiloware, as last lot. (1,000s)12
395Kiloware c.1.3Kg mainly commems., 1970s-2010, reasonable mix. (1,000s)10
396QV 1d red stars, almost all with faults (badly trimmed perfs., etc.), but each with Scottish local cancel. Incl. single line, double line, boxed, etc. worth specialist checking. (66 stamps)10
397The remains of three stamp bklts. GV Silver Jub. 2/- (‘304’); 2/- (‘345’) & E8 2/- (‘385’ (this fine from front, with airmail label pane intact, adverts & 1 stamp, and with only a small portion of back flap. (3)8
398Kiloware c.1.1Kg commems. & defins., much 1980s-90s. (1,000s)8
399Postage due marks, etc. on 27 incoming foreign postcards; mostly early 1900s. (27)6
400Isle of Man S/book with m.m./u.m. colln. of sets 1973-93 high face value (stated to be £90+) (100s)28
401“, 1991-93 Collection of Presentation packs, Face c.£23 (19 packs)6
402“, & Jersey Binder with mainly f.u. colln. from 1958-79, plus pre-decimal stamps for Scotland, Wales & N.I. and also Wartime occupation issues for Jersey. 100s)24

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